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Amped Wireless REC10 Range Extender Driver

TUAW recently received a compact Wi-Fi Range Extender from Amped Wireless -- the REC10 (US$) -- and ran it through some tests to. The High Power REC10 Compact Wi-Fi Range Extender expands the range of any b/g/n wireless network by repeating the signal from a wireless router and redistributing it in a new "extended" location. The Range Extender also includes a wired port for connecting and bridging an. REC High Power Compact. Wi-Fi Range Extender. User's Guide . Extender c. Open your web browser and go to again.


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Amped Wireless REC10 Range Extender Driver

What I did was first disconnect from YOUR extender, unplug it from the power source so its off for a few seconds, Plug it back in then hold the reset button down for about 15 seconds before your computer registers the connection is there and tries to connect.

IT should then revert to its original factory name and bring you to the Web Menu after you enter your credentials. Option 2: When your connected to the extenders access point, go to the web menu of the extender, by typing in http: It should ask you to enter the credentials and bring you to a summary page that Amped Wireless REC10 Range Extender info and statuses of your network.

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No secondary network; it simply amplifies my existing network, which is what I would expect these devices to do. It has been completely reliable since then and my wifi is now FAST throughout the entire house.


Here is the Dashboard you will see. Step 3: Set up Extended Network Click on Scan to start finding all available network to extend. You will see the list like below: Select the network that you want to extend.

In both cases, the distances were measured with a tape measure to give me an approximate range figure. Now there are a lot of variables that are going to determine the range of a Wi-Fi router or extender, like the materials that the signal has to pass through and where the extender is set physically in reference to the primary router. Amped Wireless suggests placing the extender Amped Wireless REC10 Range Extender a location where it has a signal strength -- displayed by the setup web page -- greater than 70 percent.

The test unit was placed where it had Amped Wireless REC10 Range Extender constant signal strength of 79 percent. Looking at the Wi-Fi signal strength indicator on my iPad mini, it was apparent that the extender was doing its job as the strength went from two bars to full bars in my office when I moved the device to the extended network.


My outside measurements showed that I could walk about 10 feet further in any direction around my house and still have a Wi-Fi connection on the extended network in comparison with the primary network. That 10 feet doesn't sound like much, but it means that every piece of my little suburban lot is now covered with a Wi-Fi signal strong enough to provide me with the ability to surf the Web from anywhere on the Amped Wireless REC10 Range Extender. Previously, there were zones that were completely dead.

My next tests dealt with speed. I used a known location -- my desk in my office -- and ran the SpeedTest. Initially, my test results were a bit of a shock. For the primary network, I was getting an average


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