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Asmart AS-TI4200-128DT 8X Driver

Rage PG/PRO - Rage PH/PRO AGP 2x - Rage v Deluxe [GeForce4 Ti] - b v/TD [Geforce4 TI 8X. SMART-2SL D Smart Array D Smart Array ES D . O EAX series S EAX PRO/TD O B Sapphire Radeon . Radeon D 4D46 Rage Mobility AGP 4x O Rage Mobility 80C7 VS2 S 80CB V D GeForce4 Ti Go AGP 8x [NV28]. Rage PG/PRO - Rage PH/PRO AGP 2x - Rage v Deluxe [GeForce4 Ti] - b v/TD [Geforce4 TI 8X.


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Asmart AS-TI4200-128DT 8X Driver

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Asmart AS-TI4200-128DT 8X We estimate it will take you about 15 minutes to read the results of John Gillooly's month-long examination of 14 contenders for the title of P4 DDR motherboard king. When you're done reading, you'll know what to do next. In the Atomic Labs we have a sort of human excitement barometer in the form of Bennett.

We measure just how hot a product is by the amount of nervous energy that he emanates when we mention it. After a long wallow in the pools of average, the P4 has dragged itself out, had Asmart AS-TI4200-128DT 8X quick wash and a haircut, and easily become the CPU of Asmart AS-TI4200-128DT 8X moment. To accompany this metamorphosis there has been an explosion in the number and variety of chipsets on the market, and motherboard manufacturers are taking these chipsets and packing all sorts of extra goodness onto their boards in order to deliver the perfect home for a speedy CPU.

If you are looking at upgrading to a Pentium 4 keep this fact in mind Asmart AS-TI4200-128DT 8X. Just as Intel killed the upgrade path when it shifted the original Socket P4 design to the new Socket one, and again when it introduced a MHz FSB that required new motherboards, the word on the street is that the 3GHz and above Pentium 4 models will require more power and may also include Hyperthreading support, both of which will require new chipset revisions and new motherboards.

Full text of "Maximum PC January "

DDR support will also feature in the next generation Dual-Channel DDR boards that the major chipset manufacturers are gearing to launch around the end of this Asmart AS-TI4200-128DT 8X. But for now the Pentium 4 is 'the shit' and with the launch of the 2. The challenge Of course, a good CPU needs a good motherboard. So Atomic lay down a challenge to mobo manufacturers Asmart AS-TI4200-128DT 8X of one very simple rule: That's right, no double- ups, no messing around with slight variants - just give us your best featured, most overclockable and plain fastest board, a board that an Atomic reader would love to use.

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And that's what we have here. All boards have been tested using a 2. Although in practice the lack of a DDR Asmart AS-TI4200-128DT 8X means that the potential aggresiveness of memory timings will vary from chipset to chipset].

For overclocking tests we have used a 1. We have also provided reference results using the 2.

For standard performance we tested with SYSmark and Quake 3: Arena CPU settings, all with the motherboard set to its most aggressive stable settings. Asmart AS-TI4200-128DT 8X test the overclocking features of the board we set an upper Vcore limit of 1. For these tests we have reported the value used in the BIOS rather than the 'quad pumped' numbers that Intel uses Asmart AS-TI4200-128DT 8X.

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Despite the ability of many of the boards to support V-core values higher than 1. After all, overclocking is fun, but only if your new CPU lasts more than a few weeks.

There have been a few common themes. Despite not being validated for use with DDR all the boards in the roundup based upon the iG chipset except Intel's model include support for RAM at that Asmart AS-TI4200-128DT 8X when you are running a FSB P4, hence the prevalence of this chipset in the roundup. The integrated graphics suck, but the AGP slot means that you need not bother yourself using them, and when it comes time to upgrade the integrated graphics will work fine when you are building your grandmother's new Net Asmart AS-TI4200-128DT 8X box.


USB 2. Maximum stable FSB: TBA Website: ABIT www.


Synnex www. Using the iG chipset it happily supports DDR at the most aggressive settings.

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It also has a handy set of power and reset Asmart AS-TI4200-128DT 8X built into the board. What it lacks in features, it makes up for in stability and tweakability, sitting at the fast end of the benchmark results, and it's only let down by relatively low overclocking performance. Albatron www.


QTD www. It is more reasonable to see this as a board that will run DDR, which it does happily. Overall this is a very overclocker-friendly entry, with comprehensive BIGS options. ASUS www.

CASSA www. It does lack some of the fancy extras seen on other boards, but it is a good, stable platform from which to run a P4 either at stock speeds or overclocked. AZZA www. AMI www. It is a product worthy of consideration but it lacks the bells Asmart AS-TI4200-128DT 8X whistles that characterise the other members of this roundup.

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