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Alesis Firewire Audio Driver

Alesis iO2 Express audio interface. Audio interfaces come in all shapes and sizes and commonly connect to your computer via USB or FireWire. Currantly I'm using a Alesis Multimix 16 Firewire for live multitrack recording with my Band and it's a pain. I always need to switch the playback. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Alesis iO 26 Digital Recording Alesis IO26 8 Channel Firewire Audio Interface 24b kHz.


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Alesis Firewire Audio Driver

In addition to this, I forgot to ask something else in my previous note, and this is a very Alesis Firewire Audio aspect that I couldn't find explained on the unit's malnual: I just read somewhere else that somebody at Alesis kind of mentioned that the Multimix is not full-duplex.


Yes, Sonar turns your PC into a digital mixer and multi-track recorder, effects, synth, etc. So all of the tracks are mixed inside Sonar before they every hit the driver to go back to the Alesis. At that point the Alesis is nothing more then the stereo output of a "sound Alesis Firewire Audio.

MultiMix 16 FireWire

It seems like a Alesis Firewire Audio but computers really are powerful enough to do that now. All Sonar needs is a sound card to get sound in and out of your computer and it does the rest of what used to be an entire recording studio.

All that stuff went on e-bay when I got Sonar, it does it all. You only use it to monitor live inputs as you record and supply a "copy" or send of those inputs to Sonar.

As for full duplex of not it should be, check the manual you should be able to hear what comes back from Sonar even while recording. Thanks for that response, I feel Alesis Firewire Audio bit better about the first issue. There is no clear mention to anything like this at all.

Alesis MultiMix 16 FireWire

The only thing it says is that you should be able to hear SONAR's monitoring function if enabled within SONARbut they don't recommend it and Alesis Firewire Audio suggest to use the mixer's monitor Alesis Firewire Audio for that, which I think makes a lot of sense avoiding any kind of loop. But with regard to playing back any previously recorded track while recording, it isn't clear at all. One could assume of course that if it does get back from SONAR audio with the monitor signal it should perfectly do so with any other "non-muted" audio track you could have in the project, but I just wanted to make sure with some of you who already own the unit and has tried this yourself.

I appreciate all your help!

One last thing that I'd appreciate a lot somebody clarifying for me. Kind of disappointed also Alesis Firewire Audio Alesis hasn't included a more professional technical profile description for the unit on the appendix. Do they include any other datasheet mentioning these things with the new unit? It should be better then the soundblaster for sure, the firewire board in the mixer will have more modern chips that are designed for high quality recording.


The only question is how good the analog parts of the mixer are preamps, etc. I downloaded the manual to the mixer and on page 18 it says the 2tk switch is what you press to hear the sound from the firewire Alesis Firewire Audio it's way back Alesis Firewire Audio the computer Sonar. If you want Sonar playback over the main mix outputs you also need to press the 2tk to mix switch page So Alesis Firewire Audio is your playback monitor path.

All volume and pan adjustment will need to be done in Sonar for playback tracks. The manual is not that bad, I've seen worse. Keep in mind the effects in the mixer won't get recorded in Sonar that's a good thing. You can use them as a "stand in" to Alesis Firewire Audio you sound better while you are tracking but you will need to insert a plugin in the tracks effects bin in Sonar after that to have effects on playback.


This way you can choose the effects you want for each track and have as many of them as you like. Plugins are also easy to use since you have the pop up dialog to adjust them with not just a bunch of numbers and knobs. So just choose a nice reverb on the mixer and blend a little with the montior signal Alesis Firewire Audio tracking to give you confidence, it won't get recorded in Sonar you will just hear it while you record.

Then when you get ready to play and mix everything is done in Sonar. Alesis Firewire Audio

Would this be fast enough? Is it worth spending the extra money on the firewire version and can I be sure that this version won't overheat as well?

Originally Posted by Patrick Q. Originally Posted by Obi-Wan. Thanks for your help.

I'll think about what you said!! This is due to most devices not following the 2.

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