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ADLINK PCI-6308 Series Driver

Buy ADLINK PCIV 8 Channel Isolated Output Card: Parallel Port Cards - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. PCIV - Isolated 8-CH, Bit Analog Output Card. Programmable Power Supplies · Large & Ultra-Large DC-Regulated Series DAQ & Industrial Control · ADLINK Products · NuDAQ PCI-Bus A/D & D/A DAQ Cards Item #PCIV bit PCI-Bus, Plug and Play; Isolated 8 channels bit voltage output. Supports a bit 5 V PCI bus; Isolated 8-CH bit voltage output; VRMS optical isolation; Jumper selectable bipolar and unipolar output ranges; 4-CH.


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ADLINK PCI-6308 Series Driver

The above software drivers are shipped ADLINK PCI-6308 Series the board. Please refer to the Software Installation Guide for installation procedures. You can install and use them without a license. It needs a license. A license is needed to use the drivers.

ADLINK Technology PCI-6308 User Manual

Introduction 7 16 1. There are several software packages on the market, which can provide the OPC clients. Check what you have section 2. Save the shipping materials and ADLINK PCI-6308 Series in case you want to ship or store the product in the future.


Installation 9 18 2. Therefore, the card should be handled on a grounded anti-static mat.

The operator should be wearing an anti-static wristband, grounded at the same point as the anti-static mat. Inspect the card module carton for obvious damages. Shipping and handling may cause damage to your module.


Be sure there are no shipping and handling damages on the modules carton before continuing. After opening the card ADLINK PCI-6308 Series carton, extract the system module and place it only on a grounded anti-static surface with component side up.

Again, inspect the module for damages. Press down on all the socketed IC's ADLINK PCI-6308 Series make sure that they are properly seated. Do this only with the module place on a firm flat surface Note: You are now ready to install your PCI series card. These system resource assignments are done on a board-by-board basis.

It is not suggested to assign the system resource by any ADLINK PCI-6308 Series methods PCI slot selection The PCI card can be inserted into any PCI slot without any configuration of ADLINK PCI-6308 Series system resources. Turn off your computer 2. Turn off all accessories printer, modem, monitor, etc. Remove the cover from your computer.

Select a bit PCI slot.

PCIV Differential 8 Channel Insulated Output ADLINK Technology MISUMI MEXICO

Before handling the PCI cards, discharge any static buildup on your body by touching the metal case of the computer. Hold the edge and do not touch the components.

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Position the board into the PCI slot you selected. Secure the card in place at the ADLINK PCI-6308 Series panel of the system. Please refer to the Software Installation Guide for installation procedures of the device drivers.


Each output channel and its corresponding jumpers are listed below. Channel NO.

JP11 and JP12 are used for setting reference voltage sources either internal or external. External reference voltage input ExtVref is located on connector CN1.

ADLINK PCI-6308A 8CH 12Bit Isolated Voltage & Current Output

ADLINK PCI-6308 Series The available termination boards include: A general purposed pin screw terminal. A general purposed pin screw terminal, which is equipped with a heavy-duty screw terminal DIND: A general purposed pin screw terminal with a DINsocket, which provides for easily installation. DIND is shipped with a pin cable.

The information in this chapter will assist programmers, who wish to handle the card with low-level programs. In addition, the low level programming syntax is introduced. This information can help beginners to operate the X in the shortest possible time. There are three types of registers: It is not necessary for users to fully understand the details of the LCR if the software library provided ADLINK PCI-6308 Series used.

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