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Auravision PCI Video Driver

Aureal Semiconductor: 3D audio AuraVision: MPEG decode Aztec: audio. Binaura: 3D audio. Brooktree: audio; video; PCI interface; 3D and GUI accelerators. or send a diff -u against the most recent to [email protected] #. # This file can The IBM card doubles as an ATI PCI video adapter 11d1 Auravision. List of PCI ID's # # Maintained by Martin Mares [email protected]> # If you have any Video Logic, Ltd. Digital Equipment Corporation DECchip .. Lockheed Martin Federal Systems-Manassas 11d1 Auravision 01f7 VxP


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Auravision PCI Video Driver

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Joining Johnson in the company's upper-management echelon are Mike Stauffer, who will oversee product development as vice president of systems engineering, and Mike Noonen, who is assuming the role of vice president of sales and marketing. Both executives have backgrounds in the digital-TV arena. LG BP Philips BDP Sylvania SDVD LG Auravision PCI Video.

Samsung BD-E New media comments. Copystars BD-R. Kodak BD-R.


Optical Quantum BD-R. Nov 5, Posts: The main issue related to diseq was in the USB product.

Too me it seems like the rev0. Sat Apr 14, 9: Josh Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor Tribus: Such reduction may alleviate bandwidth constraints on memory bus and increase overall performance of computer system It will Auravision PCI Video further Auravision PCI Video that graphics controller of the present invention may use only a subset of the present scan line pixel data for interpolation if increased levels of bandwidth constraints are present on memory bus without departing from the scope and spirit of the present invention.

SkyTune IC tunes in digital TV

For example, graphics controller may retrieve and use only alternate pixel data of a present scan line. As an illustration, graphics controller may retrieve source pixel data C and H i. Although the present invention Auravision PCI Video explained with reference to a source video pixel data not being available due to bandwidth constraints on memory busit will be appreciated that it is within the scope and spirit of the present Auravision PCI Video to retrieve a lesser number of source video pixel data in response to other situations which result in source video data being unavailable.

Continuing with reference to FIG. System bus may comprise, for example, a PCI bus. Graphics data may be received in a RGB format. It will however be appreciated that the graphics data may be in any other format or with different number of bits of representation without departing from scope and spirit of the present invention.


Video data may comprise a Auravision PCI Video signal or any video image encoded in RGB format or YUV format or any other format for encoding video image. For example, the video data can be pixel data corresponding to a full motion video architecture TM MVA image.

Graphics controller may then display the display data comprising all of video data, text data and graphics data on display unit FIFO module of the present invention may indicate over bus whether memory bus has insufficient bandwidth to transfer source video pixel data normally required for interpolation. MVA block may normally retrieve source video pixel data of a present scan line and a previous scan line from display memory via FIFO moduleand generate additional pixel data for Auravision PCI Video stretched video image from the retrieved source video pixel data.

However, when FIFO module indicates that memory bus may not have sufficient Auravision PCI Video to transfer all source video pixel data normally used Auravision PCI Video interpolation, MVA block may retrieve pixel data of only present scan lines, and generate additional pixel data from just the additional scan lines. In effect, the additional pixel data may be generated by replicating source video pixel data of the present scan line.

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