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PDF Carnivore protoparvovirus 1 is the etiological agent of a severe disease of terrestrial carnivores. This unique specie encompasses canine. Amplicon driver. Amplicon Network Amplicon Network Drivers - 3 drivers found. Filter: Show All PCI H, PCI H, PCI H driver, pcipdf [more], Not Applicable. PC H, PC H driver, pcipdf [more], Not Applicable. Amplicon provides free on-line after sales technical support covering the warranty period of our products.


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Amplicon PC 247H Driver

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In susceptible dogs and cats, Carnivore protoparvovirus 1 commonly causes an acute and often lethal disease, inducing vomiting, enteritis, diarrhea, and acute lymphopenia [4]. Viruses11, 2 of 19 FPLV Amplicon PC 247H known since the beginning of the 20th century [5] and, during decades, it maintained a certain genetic stability [6].

Contrarily, CPV-2 emerged as a dog pathogen only in the late s, most likely as a Amplicon PC 247H variant of the feline virus or a related strain [7], and it displayed higher rates of nucleotide changes [8—11]. Indeed, soon after its emergence, the original CPV-2 type was replaced by two antigenic variants, CPV-2a and 2b [12,13], and in a third variant was detected, termed CPV- 2c [14].

Amplicon Network Drivers Download

Carnivore protoparvovirus 1 includes small, non-enveloped, linear single-stranded DNA viruses. Among encoded structural proteins, VP2 is the Amplicon PC 247H capsid protein, represents the main determinant of host range, and is subject to antibody-mediated selection [20,21].


On the other hand, the nonstructural proteins NS1 and NS2 are essential for viral replication, DNA packaging, cytotoxicity, and pathogenicity [22—24]. Due to the involvement of the VP2 capsid protein in host switch and due to its fast evolutionary rate, most studies on CPV and FPLV focused their attention on the VP2 gene and on the structural analysis of the encoded protein.

Contributions on the genetic analysis of the nonstructural genes [18,24] and on the structural analysis of the encoded proteins are limited, highlighting the limits of available sequence data [8,25—28]. The nonstructural protein 2 NS2 of FPLV and CPV is produced by the conjunction of left-hand nt and right-hand Amplicon PC 247H genetic fragments of the NS1 open reading frame, but no Amplicon PC 247H were conducted on the NS2 amino-acid divergences within this viral species.

Only a few studies described the dynamics driving genetic changes of the CPV and FPLV NS1 gene and the potential recombination events involving this gene [29,30], although recombination was hypothesized as a potential alternative source of genetic variations [18]. Moreover, the NS1 gene molecular features, as a useful tool in outbreak tracing, were only recently reconsidered [31,32]. Sequence Amplicon PC 247H, genetic diversity estimation, evaluation of potential recombination events, and phylogeny studies were performed to better elucidate the molecular features of NS1 and its role in the evolution of CPV-2 and FPLV.

Moreover, the NS2 sequences were also characterized and the deduced amino-acid divergences were analyzed. Amplicon PC 247H analysis showed that the Iranian isolates clustered with European recombinant NTN isolates in the N lineage.


The analysis showed different sites within P1, P3 and CP were under positive selection pressure, however, Amplicon PC 247H sites varied among PVY populations. To the best of our knowledge, our analysis provides the first demonstration Amplicon PC 247H population structure of PVYN strain in mid-Eurasia Iran using complete genome sequences and highlights the importance of recombination and selection pressure Amplicon PC 247H the evolution of PVY. PVY is transmitted by at least 40 aphid species family Aphididae in a nonpersistent manner Edwardson and Christie, Vertical transmission is also a serious problem for commercial tuber seed production in potato Blanc et al.

The monopartite genome is composed of a single-stranded, positive-sense RNA molecule of about 10, nucleotides long containing a single open reading frame ORF Lorenzen et al.

Population Analysis of Iranian Potato virus Y Isolates Using Complete Genome Sequence

The encoded large polyprotein is processed by three virus-encoded proteases to produce at least 10 mature functional proteins Urcuqui-Inchima et al. Studies of the molecular evolutionary history of viruses are very complex as they involve understanding variation Amplicon PC 247H by mutation, recombination, selection pressure and adaptation Moury et al.

Hence, information on this aspect of viruses is essential to design management and control strategies in order to hinder their spread. Potato Solanum tubersum L.

PVY is Amplicon PC 247H of the most damaging potato viruses in Iran and is responsible for the main yield losses Pourrahim et al. Numerous studies have focused on etiology, pathogenesis, ecology, molecular biology and control of the virus Hosseini et al.

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