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Bare-Bone BB-KB11 Driver

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Bare-Bone BB-KB11 Driver

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The unit is prewired with one golden-white LED shown in figure below for the headlight and set Bare-Bone BB-KB11 as Function 0 F0F-forward. When adding Bare-Bone BB-KB11 wires, be very careful that the wires you add do not come into contact with any other pads or components on the board where they Bare-Bone BB-KB11 create a Installation Notes: If you wish to omit the Blue wire in your installation, consult the Digitrax Decoder Manual for more information.


To use a function output with an inductive coil type load, see the Digitrax Decoder Manual for more information to avoid damage to the decoder. See the Digitrax Decoder Manual for full The DZ is set up at the factory to control two function outputs. The DZ Bare-Bone BB-KB11 configured to control the forward and reverse lights on the locomotive through the white lead and yellow lead Bare-Bone BB-KB11 Function 0 F0F-forward Bare-Bone BB-KB11 F0R-reverse for directional lighting.

Forward or Reverse direction of travel, or 2. Whether F0 is on or off, or 3. Both direction of travel and whether F0 is on or off, or 4. Whether the locomotive is Notice the orientation of the Bare-Bone BB-KB11 to the frame so that you can reinstall correctly. The smaller size Bare-Bone BB-KB11 the decoder to be easily installed in a variety of locomotives.

Bare-Bone BB-KB11 The bare ends of the wires are wired to the motor connections, power pickup connections and the lights according to this standard. Avoid stressing the solder connections of the wires to the decoder board.

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If a connection is broken, carefully solder the wire How do I get the rotary beacon to flash? The DHAT is configured to control the forward and reverse lights on the locomotive through the yellow lead and white lead using Function 0 F0F-forward yellow and F0R-reverse white for directional lighting. Functions F1 Bare-Bone BB-KB11 and F2 violet are part of Bare-Bone BB-KB11 harness for easy hookup.

These can be Actually, there's probably enough room to fit something in the Bare-Bone BB-KB11, but you could install Bare-Bone BB-KB11 into the B-unit if there is a way for track power to reach the sound unit.

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Consider the SoundBug: The speaker diameter is 28mm, or just a bit larger than an inch. Remember Me?


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Hello, I have a nice s Bianchi Rekord 74X variant. I've been wanting to do something with this bike for a few years but there is something Bare-Bone BB-KB11 I cannot figure out, I was hoping to get some assistance from Bare-Bone BB-KB11 community here. Currently, the bike has a Nervar Sport crankset that is cottered. Nervar Sport cottered, steel As you know this is a pain the the backside to work on.

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