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Argox CP-3140 PPLA Driver

Argox CP PPLA · Argox CP PPLB Argox CPEX PPLA · Argox CPEX PPLB · Argox CPEX PPLZ · Argox CPL PPLA. Argox Seagull™ Windows 打印机驱动程序 CPEX PPLA · Argox CPEX PPLB · Argox CPEX PPLZ · Argox CPL PPLA · Argox CPL. aqui você pode fazer o download do driver para argox cp ppla. argox cple pplz · ARGOX_RPLUS_PPLBEF0B · argox al pplb.


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Argox CP-3140 PPLA Driver

Make sure Cutter Cable go upon the font side of Middle Cover.

Argox CP PPLA 打印机驱动程序 BarTender by Seagull Scientific

Chassis with screws. Now cutter installation has been completed through the steps above.

To load media, please refer to the section Loading Media. Make sure the media is properly loaded and the top cover of the printer is closed.

Argox条码打印机设置工具 – 易标签

Turn off the printer power. Press and hold the FEED button while turning on the power, until printer motor is activated. Media Calibration will be performed while the printer automatically feeds the label stock for a certain Argox CP-3140 PPLA then the printer motor suspends for one second and then prints out a configuration profile. Release the FEED button as soon as printer starts to print.

In Dump mode, all characters will be printed in 2 columns: Argox CP-3140 PPLA allows users or engineers to verify and debug the program. Another way is to turn off printer power, and then restart printer.


Turn on the printer and wait for 5 or more seconds. At this moment, the printer has resumed its factory default settings. The printer factory default settings are stored in Argox CP-3140 PPLA flash; these settings remain stored, without being erased even the printer power is disconnected.

Argox Printer Devices

READY indicator will blink when printing is paused. It will Argox CP-3140 PPLA as soon as the printer module is opened. The printing tasks sent previously will be resumed automatically later.

Press to advance the label media to the first Argox CP-3140 PPLA position. Press during printing to make printer "pause". Press Argox CP-3140 PPLA hold while switching on the power to conduct media calibration and print out a configuration profile. To resume printing after Media Out or Ribbon Out errors have been resolved. Refer to LED indications listed below to understand possible solutions to resolve the problems printer run into.

LED Indicators: Check the cutter or recover paper jam.

Argox Printer Drivers and Updates for Windows 7, 8, , 10, XP, Vista.

Only applicable when cutter mode to cutter mode. Cutter has failed, or there is paper jam inside the cutter. Other possible hardware errors. Contact the reseller for further service. Once it completes, the printer Argox CP-3140 PPLA automatically resume the printing tasks sent previously. Close the printer module and then press firmly at both the left and the right of printer module to properly latch.


Press FEED button to resume printing. As soon as all the data has been received, Ready LED will stay solid green and automatically resume normal operation. Check if the communication cable serial is connected securely to your serial port on the PC Argox CP-3140 PPLA to the connector on the printer at the other end.

The display is based on a multi-functional stand that promotes for the convenient adjustment of Argox CP-3140 PPLA perspectives. Viewing angles equal to degrees vertical and horizontal measurements. This mid-tower model features xx mm dimensions, sitting is a SGCC steel case. It has got a black-and-white exterior coating, a totally black interior, a metallic grid on the frontal facet, as well as an acrylic window of the side facet.

All those peculiarities add to the sleek style of the chassis. Its internal spacing is estimated for the integration of three 5.

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