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Download drivers for Aquarius EKO based on Intel Corporation DQ35JOE. Here you can download device drivers for Aquarius EKO based on Intel Corporation. Low Emission Green Ship Concept Design with Rigid Sails & Solar Power. The Aquarius Eco Ship study project was started by Eco Marine Power Co. Ltd (EMP) in May and has attracted world-wide interest. The rigid sails used by the Aquarius Eco Ship form part of Eco Marine Power's. No uploads yet. But you can browse tons of interesting content on our featured content page. View all Likes · Makalah sapi by ettoadvenagnr 4 years ago.


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Aquarius EKO Driver

Production of the equipment of foreign vendors is conducted on OEM model: With the last in October, cooperation was expanded. As explained TAdviser in VMware, before Aquarius could deliver Aquarius EKO solutions with a limited set of their software, and the new agreement extends to all product line. In addition to Akvarius similar "full-scale" agreements at VMware are signed only by a number of world vendors: Expansion of cooperation with world brands, including, on production localization, Vladimir Piskunov calls one of strategic Aquarius EKO of development of Akvarius.

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Strategic directions of development The vice president of Aquarius for Aquarius EKO business activity Vladimir Piskunov in October told Aquarius EKO about strategic directions of development of the company. In addition to OEM production expansion is more detailed about it see aboveit designates by one more strategic direction development of IT services: Concerning the first Vladimir Piskunov explains that earlier computer system manufacturers were engaged generally only in assembly, and integrators — deliveries of this equipment to customers, first of Aquarius EKO the state.

Now integrators grew to the level of Aquarius EKO, project works and researches, creation of IT infrastructuresand the works connected with setup, deployment of the equipment with technical support, become Aquarius EKO them not characteristic, aim to transfer them to outsourcing to production companies, he says. For this reason here Aquarius sees for itself one of growth points.

For this purpose the company develops the service network, level of technical support, the call center intended not only for support of the equipment of Aquarius, and for more full range of services, Vladimir Piskunov says.

As for the direction of services cybersecurity, Aquarius EKO Aquarius note that already propose to customers the Aquarius EKO solutions under a brand Bastion. Also the company is a member of Association of data protection and works with all IB-leading developers of solutions.

The saved-up examination should allow Akvarius, Aquarius EKO, for example, services in retrofitting of products of different vendors means of information security. One more important vector of development of the company is gain of focus on corporate clients.


We want to be present at the markets where earlier we were a little provided", - he noted. Vladimir Piskunov added that further development of the basic competences "Akvariusa" connected with servers and Aquarius EKO including — due to attraction of examination of partners within OEM agreements also belongs to strategic directions.


The direction Aquarius EKO IT services actively develops the last three years Aquarius EKO Aquarius to propose to the customer effective solution of its tasks and to guarantee the maximum return against implementation of IT solutions. In addition to service maintenance, maintenance and technical support Service Deskit is development and preparation of standard software and hardware complexes of high degree of readiness industrially or creation of difficult specialized IT complexes under individual requirements of the customer and also full range of services in information security field.

Download drivers for Aquarius EKO based on Intel Corporation DQ35JOE

In business market complex approach to IT projects which assumes purchase of solutions and additional services instead of equipment procurement is more and more demanded: So, within Aquarius EKO project on creation of a uniform medical information and analytical system of the city of Moscow EMIAS Aquarius performed delivery of the IT system consisting of 22 thousand automated jobs. Specialists of the company implemented and set up the equipment and software on geographically distributed platforms Aquarius EKO the customer and provided user training among which not Aquarius EKO had experience of handling of computers.

For one of security agencies the project Aquarius EKO industrial integration was implemented: It were the Aquarius EKO solutions including processing systems and data storage, switchesUPSes, the automated jobs with already set software and information security tools. Also as customers of services in industrial integration the companies from telecom industry when fast massive collecting of standard infrastructure solutions is required often act.

For example, Aquarius did such project Aquarius EKO "Yandex".

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Aquarius expands production On June 24, the Aquarius company announced planned expansion of production at the enterprise in the city of Shuya of the Ivanovo region. Opening of new workshop allowed to Aquarius EKO the Aquarius EKO capacity of the plant. Thus, the company will reduce terms of production of the equipment that is especially relevant when implementing large-scale projects and also will create premises for further development of cooperation with world leading manufacturers within contract assembly and OEM agreements.

The workshop represents the certain, specially prepared premises for building slip assembly of the computer equipment and a specialized electronic equipment which is required, for example, in Aquarius EKO IT solutions for the medical industry. If necessary the part of the premises Aquarius EKO serve as the additional warehouse that allows to scale production capacities depending on seasonal loading. The increased operating capacity will allow us to get additional competitive advantage due to reduction of terms of production of the equipment and also to further develop the direction of contract manufacturing" Aquarius EKO the senior vice president of Akvarius Vladimir Shibanov noted.

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