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Analog Devices AD1845 Driver

(PDF) AD Datasheet download. Manufacture, Part Number, Description, PDF. Analog Devices, AD, Parallel-Port Bit SoundPort Stereo Codec. otherwise under any patent or patent rights of Analog Devices. PRODUCT OVERVIEW. The Parallel Port AD SoundPortStereo Codec integrates key audio. (PDF) AD Datasheet download. Manufacture, Part Number, Description, PDF. Analog Devices, AD, Parallel-Port Bit SoundPort Stereo Codec.


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Analog Devices AD1845 Driver

Reported problems varied from reduced performance to complete part breakdown.

AN - SMD Technology Kft.

Including a codec in your PC motherboard or plug-in card design and getting reasonable performance from the part requires some effort. For the AD and CS, a small group of design considerations have a Analog Devices AD1845 influence on the performance of your final design.

The application circuits shown in this note are suggestions only. You should choose component values that it the needs of your own design and fall with the specifications of the AD and CS data sheets.

SoundPort is a registered trademark of Analog Devices, Inc. For CS Install.


This performance reduction includes a nonlinear gain vs. The gain loss can be as much as —30 dB at 20 Hz.

The AD defaults to one crystal input The AD uses its Variable Sample Frequency Generator to generate any of 50, selectable sample rates from the single crystal input. Figure 3 Analog Devices AD1845 an example voltage divider circuit for use with 2 V rms line level inputs that is compatible with both codecs.

AD Datasheet(PDF) - Analog Devices

While this method does require more Analog Devices AD1845, the regulated analog supply provides better noise isolation for the analog side of the chip and yields improved converter performance. The dynamic range of this design is 1. The advantages of this supply design are its low part Analog Devices AD1845 and cost reduction; each at the expense of a slightly lower dynamic range than the system shown in Figure 4.


A third strategy for power supply design, shown in Figure 6, divides the codec into three sections analog and two Analog Devices AD1845. The sections are analog, internal digital, and external digital ISA bus drivers. If you use this triple supply design, you are designing a vendor specific system.


Table II. AD vs.

Table III. If you want to design a system that can use any AD compatible codec, do not use a triple power supply design.

AD Datasheet(PDF) - Analog Devices, Parallel-Port Bit SoundPort Stereo Codec

Figure 7 shows a representation of a bypassing circuit between a codec power pin and ground as a capacitor in series with an inductor. Note that the Analog Devices AD1845 of the inductor in Figure 7 is directly related to the etch length between the capacitor and the power pin. Layout Design When laying out a PCB for mixed signal devices, like codecs, be aware that a small set of layout geometry issues have a profound effect on component performance. This Analog Devices AD1845 examines the following mixed signal PCB layout issues.

A bypassing circuit is Analog Devices AD1845 to be a low impedance point for high frequency currents. For example, a codec generates noise as it operates when its internal digital circuitry turns currents on and off.

These current changes show up on the Analog Devices AD1845 and ground pins for the associated section of the codec. For each change in power pin current, there is a change in ground pin current.

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