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Alliance Semiconductor 6422 Driver

Alliance Semiconductor Video drivers. 10 drivers for 4 Alliance Semiconductor Video available. Alliance-AT3D/AT25ProMotionProMotionProMotion-. The on-board video controller is the Alliance Semiconductor ProMotion chip. According to the Alliance Semiconductor web site, "Alliance Semiconductor. Alliance Semiconductor ProMotion 64bit card with MPEG-1 acceleration and integrated Ramdac. Palcal's cards: ExpertColor.


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Alliance Semiconductor 6422 Driver

Access to this material may require registration, which is free. The original system has 1 Mbyte of on-board video RAM, plus 2 sockets to accommodate an additional 1 Mbyte.

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Support Status Based on this information, and extensive staff experience with the disproportionate effort required to maintain and support this legacy system, the NEC Ready PC should be considered as unsupportable by the College ISS staff. To change the speed of the machine from 75MHz to MHz you have two choices: That's Alliance Semiconductor 6422 I've done here.


It's easy enough to do. Then turn the machine back on and use it for a few hours.

Alliance Semiconductor ProMotion Drivers for Windows XP

If the machine starts randomly hanging, you'll have to replace the CPU to get the extra speed. If it doesn't and the heatsink that big spikey thing Alliance Semiconductor 6422 get too hot, you ought to be safe.


If you want to replace the chip, go and buy a Pentium PGA chip, open up the case, unlatch the heatsink which then allows you to pop out the old processor, insert the new chip and reverse the procedure. Big warning: For what Alliance Semiconductor 6422 worth some people have actually figured out a way of getting the computer to run faster.

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Another way of increasing the speed of the machine is to increase the Bus speed used by the machine. Settings are 50 default60, or The bus speed is independent of the CPU speed but Alliance Semiconductor 6422 for unreliability to see if you can safely run it faster.

Thanks to DrMac makk geocities. Adding extra drives to the Ready is fairly easy.

To add one extra drive, just set its jumper settings to slave and plug it in on the same cable as the first drive -- you may need to get a new IDE cable as some Readys came with single connector cables. To add a third drive you'll Alliance Semiconductor 6422 to remove the CD-ROM, set its jumpers to make it a slave, Alliance Semiconductor 6422 the jumpers on the new drive to a master and plug them both back in on the second IDE controller.

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Then save the BIOS settings and continue merrily on your way. You can add larger Alliance Semiconductor 6422 than that but that's the largest contiguous amount of space you can have. However, it really is better to keep the partitions to 1GB or below.

Under FAT16 the Win95 main file system the entire drive is mapped into a specific block size. The larger the partition the larger each block is -- with a 2GB partition Alliance Semiconductor 6422 block is 32k; with a 1GB partition each block is 16k; with a MB partition it's 8k. The main issue here is Alliance Semiconductor 6422 small files even if smaller than a block will take an entire block.

It's possible for MB of small files Alliance Semiconductor 6422 eat up an entire 2GB partition Large partitions are only really needed if you're handling lots of large files and why you'd be trying to do that on an underpowered Ready is beyond me Want to replace the integrated Promotion video board altogether? Alliance Semiconductor 6422 not done it and I don't know about PCI support.

If anyone else has managed this, let me know. The quality is sporadic -- last time I used it, it was excellent; previously it worse than useless. Good luck.

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