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Altera Stratix III EP3SL340 Driver

The resources consumption of these arithmetic units and PEs are considered based on Altera Stratix III FPGA, EP3SL, with Quartus II. Fig. 9. Dataflow of. Stratix III FPGAs lower power consumption through Altera's innovative . (4) The EP3SL FPGA is offered only in the H package, but not offered in the. Following Altera's Step, GFEC extend the Stratix II FBGA prototyping III Family FineLine BGA pin Package Device (EP3SL to EP3SL).


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Altera Stratix III EP3SL340 Driver

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As times and technologies have changed, however, so has the power picture. Millions of transistors have turned into billions, megahertz have multiplied, and leakage currents have leapt into prominence, as feature sizes and thus gate oxides have continued to shrink.


On the system side, FPGA power has gained prominence, too. As bandwidth requirements have risen, form factors have shrunk, and heat has become an issue. Also, with FPGAs moving from supporting Altera Stratix III EP3SL340 to starring roles in many systems, they have taken the spotlight in power consumption as well.

With 65nm, we expected supply voltages to be down to 1. The result of this work will allow the realization of smaller than 3mm diameter 3D stereo vision equipment in medical endoscopic context, such as endoscopic surgical robotic or micro invasive surgery.


A real-time stereo matching implementation based on a census rank transformation by [14] is shown in [10]. The implementation in [7] calculates disparity values for high-definition stereo video at full frame rate.

The system in Altera Stratix III EP3SL340 produces disparity maps at fps and x pixels resolution based on block matching. We describe the corresponding hardware-efficient algorithms, the essential components of the associated hardware architecture, and the required caching mechanisms that enable the processing of high-definition video streams.

Such operations can include control algorithms for automatic camera systems or memory intensive algorithms with a more global scope such as segmentation, which often are less suited for FPGA-based stream processing.

Finally, we provide a comparison of our hardware implementation to other state-of-the-art implementations of the core algorithms and the corresponding limitations. Results Figure 2: Overview picture of the employed custom stereo camera system. Figure 2 illustrates the camera system.

The system is running at MHz and Altera Stratix III EP3SL340 able to process stereo full-HD at 30 fps p30 video in real-time. The FPGA design itself currently supports stereo full-HD at 60 fps p60 ; higher numbers can be reached by using more hardware resources for depth estimation and further DDR2 controller optimization for the rectification.

The latencies of the pre-processing and disparity estimation units are only a couple of lines, the latency of the PCI transfer is one frame double bufferingand the latency of the rectification is also one frame.

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