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Altima Premium X Driver

The Altima has a very handsome new look giving it a more premium aesthetic than its predecessor. The Maxima continues in its eighth generation with a slight  Missing: X. Explore a New Nissan Altima SR Sedan Deep Blue Pearl from Lithia Nissan of Eugene. Visit our new SR Premium Package$1, It's front-row sound so good, it might even be better than being there. Nissan Altima ✓ 9-speaker. Bose® Premium Audio System. Subaru Impreza X 8-speaker.


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Altima Premium X Driver

New technologies make the Nissan Altima midsize sedan a serious challenger to the long-time sales dominance of the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. The technology includes optional all-wheel-drive, an available variable-compression engine Altima Premium X adjusts for performance or Altima Premium X driving, a suite of driver and safety assists called Safety Shieldand Pro Pilot Assist, a slick Level 2 semi-autonomous driver assist system. The new Altima is a very good car and deserves wider availability of its driver and safety assists.

But half the Altimas on a dealer lot will have just part of the new safety tech. In comparison, on the newest Honda to ship, virtually every car has the full safety Altima Premium X driver assist package. Nissan is in a risky position if Altima shoppers rate safety as a key buying criterion.

2019 Nissan Altima Review: All-Wheel-Drive, ProPilot Assist Revive a Sedan

Altima Premium X high compression ratio gives greater efficiency but you risk premature combustion or engine knock. A low compression ratio allows for more power at the expense of fuel economy. Nissan; main photo: The Camry is the best-selling sedan of any size in recent years.

Nissan variable-compression, VC-Turbo, engine. Nissan Most impressively, the Altima offers a premium hp, 2. The engine can change compression ratios on the fly: Maximum Altima Premium X, pound-feet, comes on at a super-low rpm.

Nissan Altima

This is a big step up from engines with variable valve timing. Nissan already offers VC engines within its premium Infiniti brand. The base engine is a hp 2.

The haters gonna hate, but for many, this CVT will function just like an automatic with fixed gear ratios. AWD will be a key selling point in snow country. Toyota and Honda are front-drive only, as is the Altima Premium X. The No. Nissan rates the base engine at 28 mpg city, 39 mpg highway, 32 mpg combined, 1 mpg higher than the previous.

Nissan Altima

Nissan Safety Shield is on upper trim lines. Nissan ProPilot Assist Plus Safety Shield Base safety across all trim lines includes automatic emergency braking, a rear door Altima Premium X that holds the door shut if you try to open it while traffic approaches on the street side, and Altima Premium X driver-alert monitor that Nissan calls Intelligent Driver Alert.

The Altima gets really interesting starting with Altima SV, the third trim line up.


ProPilot Assist combines adaptive cruise control and lane centering assist to guide your driving on the highway. When I first drove ProPilot Assist two years ago, it had a tendency to Altima Premium X highway exits unless you overrode the steering. If you have reasonable expectations, Altima Premium X is amazing. And a great tool for long-distance driving.

The interior has been dressed up, especially on higher trim lines. Nissan Nissan Altima on the Road The turbo-four in the Altima Platinum was powerful enough for a family sedan, with lots of torque power at low rpm.

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It shares one common trait with the now-departed V6: It drives quieter and more smoothly than the first generations of Altima. A brief drive in the Altima SR at the press intro in Santa Barbara gave a ride that was definitely sporty.


This was a series of three comparison tests involving mid-size Altima Premium X. In this particular test, four cars were tested. The Volkswagen Passat is included in the test as it won the first round of mid-sized sedan comparison. It is stated that the Altima is good in almost everything with only minor deficiencies.

It drives well, entertaining on twisty roads, has comfortable seats and remains quiet on highways. It is the least expensive but doesn't feel like it. The mileage figures only adds to its high appeal.

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