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Advanced Multimedia WiN-400 Driver

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Advanced Multimedia WiN-400 Driver

You can customize all these buttons to mouse functions, Shortcut or Macro functions. For any mouse, you have to keep one button for left click function. Set Buttons with Mouse function Mouse Advanced Multimedia WiN-400 include left single click, right menu, scroll middle click and DPI switch. You can set mouse button to any one of functions.

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Every mouse have to keep a Left Click function. Some mice may lock one button with DPI switch functions also.

You can choose one defined Macro, or create a new one. To create new Macro, similar steps should be followed as Macro management. You can set mouse function as one of predefined Shortcut.

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You also can create a new Shortcut for OS system or specific Application. To create a new Shortcut: For some of gaming mice, you can adjust DPI levels also with More settings. Please check Appendix to understand how to optimize these Advanced Multimedia WiN-400 settings.

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When playing game or drawing, switching DPI settings of device on the fly Advanced Multimedia WiN-400 be much helpful for different usage cases. If the number of enabled levels or values of every level are not good enough for your usage, you can change the settings by clicking More.

First, plan for how many DPI levels you want to Advanced Multimedia WiN-400 for on the fly switching and what is the value for every DPI level. Second, before the 8 DPI level drop-down boxes, enable those levels which Advanced Multimedia WiN-400 close to your expected value and disable others. Third, If you want to change the value of one DPI level slightly, clicking the up and down arrow to change the value.


Another way is to slide the color block in the bottom slide bar to the expected value. What is Wheel light M Series mouse is designed to have a Wheel light besides the middle click button. Once mouse is plugged in computer, the light is On with Advanced Multimedia WiN-400 color which maps to the mouse's current DPI level. When you switch DPI levels, the light color is changed accordingly.

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This feature is especially useful when you switch DPI levels on the fly while gaming. If you just want to enjoy Advanced Multimedia WiN-400 performance without light, you can turn off the Wheel light in Lighting settings of SmartGenius UI. What is Logo Light?

The Logo light in the back of mouse provides cooler user experience with LED display. You can customize the Logo light as your preference.


When Logo light is set as Breath effect, then it breath with specified color. When Logo light is set as Solid effect, then it always show one color specified. What is Breath Speed and Color? After you set Logo Effect as Breath, You can change the breath speed with three different values: You can enable any number of predefined colors for Logo light breathing. If you set Logo Effect as Solid, you can customize Advanced Multimedia WiN-400 solid color with any color.

Mouse Logo light will Advanced Multimedia WiN-400 the color selected. If you just want to enjoy the performance without light, you can turn off the Logo light in Lighting settings. Please check Here for more details.

Portable App Directory

SmartGenius provide firmware update capability for part of devices: Enter a name of your choice. This is equivalent to the computer name of a computer.


Domain Name: The part of the e-mail address after the ". Deselect this if you do not have a dynamic DNS server. However, this is only if you have a server in your company, and your environment is not a DHCP environment Advanced Multimedia WiN-400 environment must use a fixed IP address and host names. Set the mail server information.

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