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DAQMaster AD-Logger Others. High-Performance DAQ. DAQ/DAQe/PXI D2K-. DASK. D2K-. DASK/X. DAQPilot. D2K-DASK. DAQPilot. DAQ_MTLB. DAQMaster AD-Logger Others. High-Performance DAQ. DAQ/DAQe/PXI D2K-. DASK. D2K-. DASK/X. DAQPilot. D2K-DASK. DAQPilot. DAQ_MTLB. ADLINK's PCIS-DASK and D2K-DASK software drivers provide a common D2K-DASK/X Data Acquisition Software Kit for ADLINK DAQ series cards.


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  • DAQ Software & Utility Quantel Pte Ltd
  • Linux Drivers - Adlink Technology PCI User Manual [Page 22]
  • DAQ Software & Utilities : DASK for Linux®
  • PCIS/D2K-DASK:Data Acquisition Software Kit DLL Library for Win-32 and Linux Applications
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  • Driver, Software, Programming Service for ADLink Cards

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The information in this document is subject to change without prior notice in order to improve reliability, design, and function and does not represent a commitment on the part of the manufacturer. In ADLINK D2K-DASK/X event will the manufacturer be liable for direct, ADLINK D2K-DASK/X, special, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use the product or documentation, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.

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This document contains proprietary information protected by copyright. All rights are reserved. No part of this manual may be reproduced ADLINK D2K-DASK/X any mechanical, electronic, or other means in any form without prior written permission of the manufacturer.

Please contact us should you require any service or assistance. Web Site: Product Information ADLINK D2K-DASK/X Please give a detailed description of the problem s: Digital Input Register Table Digital Output Register Table Input circuits of and series Figure Isolate output circuits of PCI sink current Figure Isolation Output to Isolation Input connection Figure The high isolation voltage protects the user s computer against damage ADLINK D2K-DASK/X by accidental contact with high external voltage and eliminates troublesome ground loops.

The isolation voltage is high up to 5, Vrms excluding cablesboth ADLINK D2K-DASK/X and channel-tocomputer.

All bus relative configurations, ADLINK D2K-DASK/X as base memory address and interrupt assignment, are automatically controlled by BIOS software. It does not need any user interaction and ADLINK D2K-DASK/X 1 10 pre-study for the configurations. This removes the burden of searching for a conflict-free configuration, which can be very timeconsuming and difficult with some other bus standards.

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W Isolated voltage: Numbers of Channel: Darlington transistors Output Voltage: Sink Current: Channel 0 and channel 1 of digital input channels 4 Introduction ADLINK D2K-DASK/X General Specifications Connector: Requires ADLINK D2K-DASK/X power cpci Compact size, not including connectors PCI Compact size only mm x mm 6 Introduction 15 1. ADE VB.

DAQPilot is designed for the beginners as well as experienced programmers. DAQMaster enables ADLINK D2K-DASK/X to: DASK enables users to perform detailed operations and achieve superior performance and reliability from their data acquisition system.


More information ADLINK D2K-DASK/X Windows Vista Support, please visit Note: VEE provides a visual programming interface that allows users to create programs by connecting objects such as acquisition routines, buttons and displays in a flow diagram. DAQBench leverages the power of the latest ADLINK D2K-DASK/X ActiveX technology - the standard for code interchangeability and integration under various Windows platform.


Equipped with a smart wizard and intuitive panels, users can easily configure data acquisition settings, change the appearance of data display, perform FFT to acquired data, and store data to a hard disk drive. DAQCreator delivers a cost-effective solution ADLINK D2K-DASK/X high-speed data logging applications. All company names appearing herein ADLINK D2K-DASK/X trademarks or trade names of their respective owners.

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Save the shipping materials ADLINK D2K-DASK/X carton for future storage or shipping purposes. The card should be placed on a grounded anti-static mat.

The operator should wear an anti-static wristband, grounded at the same point as the anti-static mat. Inspect the card module carton for obvious damage.

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