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Asus Chicony Camera USB WebCam Driver

From Asus's support download page (under Camera) for the K51AE, for Windows 7 bit: Chicony CNF Camera Driver for Win7 64 bit (V). This driver is for below PID HardwareID4=USB\Vid_04f2&Pid_b&MI_ Results 1 - 48 of - For notebook and. Downldoad free driver updates for USB M UVC WebCam also known as: Chicony USB Camera for Windows. Once you know which module your camera needs you can find out if it is already loaded by typing the following at the command line: If you have a USB webcam, it is likely a Linux driver has been written for your device. . Chicony DC


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Asus Chicony Camera USB WebCam Driver

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An easy way to tell if the driver is enabled is to use the dmesg command piped into less for easy paging to look for an acknowledgement that it was loaded when your system started up: Dec 18 USB hub found Dec 18 Linux video Asus Chicony Camera USB WebCam interface: FF subclass: FF vendor: Registered device: If you know what that module is named, try using find; in this example we are looking for the 'ibmcam' module: You can get a list of all modules available by typing the following at the command line: The following output is an example of what you might find in a USB webcam-ready kernelwhere everything is loaded as a module all but the relevant lines have been edited for brevity: You should get output similar to the following: It may not always do so, however, so if you don't have the particular module you're Asus Chicony Camera USB WebCam loaded and you think the module may be available, try loading it manually with modprobe, as in the following using the ibmcam module as an example: The drivers are usually available one of three ways: If the support for your driver is not found either enabled statically within the kernel or as a module, don't despair.

Drivers for numerous models are in the Linux kernel source available directly from kernel.


If your webcam driver is available in the kernel source but not enabled as a module or otherwise in your default system, you can either recompile the kernel from the source code you have or obtain a new version of the kernel source, either pre-packaged by your Linux distributor or directly from the previous link as a so-called "vanilla" kernel.

If you are unfamiliar with the prerequisites and procedure Asus Chicony Camera USB WebCam compiling your own kernel, I direct you to the Kernel HOWTO for more information.

Patching, Source-Only or Precompiled Binary? You may find that your webcam is supported by only a kernel patch, by a source-only driver not requiring a kernel Asus Chicony Camera USB WebCam, or you may even be lucky enough to have a distribution that makes a pre-compiled and packaged binary driver available for your computer's architecture.

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The procedure involved in the former is largely beyond the scope of this document and is probably best outlined in the documentation available on the web page of your particular model's driver found in Section 2. Some further more general documentation on these processes are, however, addressed in Section 5 2. Supporting the Connection Type 2.

There are two ways of supporting USB devices in Linux. One is the more traditional kernel support, and the other is through libusb.

For at least one webcam category, the STVbased models, working libusb support is recommended, at least according to the Sourceforge page on the subject. Unless you know your driver requires libusb support, you should probably stick with the more conventional in-kernel support for USB devices beginning in Section 2. Libusb Libusb is a library that allows access to the USB functions in Linux through userspace and without the need to enable Asus Chicony Camera USB WebCam support and insert modules.

Most distributions, at this point, are offering libusb in their stable branches and some install it by defaultso if you don't already have kernel support for USB devices, then you may only have to install the libusb package in order to access your device. Asus Chicony Camera USB WebCam must have USB device filesystem support enabled in your kernel, which most distributions do.

To find out for sure, issue the following at the command line: Don't try to use libusb while your particular kernel webcam support is enabled either statically or the module loaded; you can only use one at at time. You can obtain the libusb package in. For 2.

This is not required in the 2. USB subsystem support has been present in the Linux kernel since the late 2. For a more in-depth discussion of USB support in general, I direct you to the Linux-usb project site. If you want to find out which modules are loaded, at the command line or in an xterm, type the following:


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