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Benq 7278C Driver

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Benq 7278C Driver

They were cheap and would automatically reduce the light output to limit Benq 7278C temperature to about C.

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Energy usage was measured using the watts up? Bullfrog Power provides these to their customers and, as of Augustthis is the most accurate power meter I have seen. It is the most precise reading to 0. This model is Benq 7278C available in Canada, seems much more accurate and consistant than the Watts Up?

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Benq 7278C However, very strange readings were obtained that made me doubt the accuracy of this meter. I used one of the Watts Up?


Benq 7278C the current by V to get the power draw in watts. Also there is a set of 8 bars below the numbers which function like the old rotating dial. An excellent way to measure the power use of some things, and find vampires is to just use the hydro meter on your house.

You need to time how long it takes to do a full, or partial, revolution of the dial. For low power measurements I typically count how long it takes to do 0. Note that the Benq 7278C does become inaccurate at about 15W and less.


For low power my meter doesn't seem to turn at all. I've used the hydro meter to measure the power use of things like the Benq 7278C fan, oven and to verify the impact of my 3 Benq 7278C vampires microwave oven, central vacume transformer, power bar for computer and it's extras. That implies that the efficiency of the power supply is a lot better.

As of November the big box Benq 7278C have started carrying LED based T8 tubes to replace fluorscent ones. But this is a Benq 7278C upgrade as the measurements below attest. The T8 ballasts are constant current power supplies and designed to work with V fluorescent tubes.

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Technically one should be able to put multiple Globe LED tubes in series for more light - using one ballast - up to the power limit of the ballast typically 2 x 32W or 74W. Some ballasts I've used are rated Benq 7278C exactly 2 bulbs while others can take 1 or 2 or 3 and some will Benq 7278C with 17W tubes up to 32W tubes while others are only rated for 25W or 32W tubes. Power supplies ballast will drop in efficiency as the power output drops.

Note that there are Benq 7278C ballasts made with different "ballast factor" - basically they put out more or less current in order to increase HO or High Output or decrease the Benq 7278C of light emitted and power used. These Globe tubes will be quickly destroyed if they are connected to Vac. There are also LED tubes which are designed to work with an external power supply like a ballast that Benq 7278C designed to power LEDs.


Here is the EBay buck convert specs for the 10A model. It has two small heatsinks on the circuit board sides and looks pretty beefy.

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Input voltage: DC 10VV. Output voltage: Benq 7278C adjustable. Output current: Output power: Conversion efficiency: Output ripple: Working temperature: Full-Load temperature: No-load current: Voltage regulation: Load regulation: Dynamic response speed: Short circuit protection: No Please installs the fuse Benq 7278C protection circuit at input parts.

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