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Avision KB51 Driver

If it determined that it was not causing contamination, it may decide it was not cost effective to retrieve it. The Government of Northwest Territories appears to have no similar mechanism to make this determination and would therefore classify Avision KB51 site as contaminated. One objective for Canada during negotiations was to avoid duplicating the contaminated sites chapter of the Yukon Devolution Agreement.

Footnote 52 This Avision KB51 allowed the territorial government to determine the cost of remediating a contaminated site even though Canada retained the liability and responsibility to pay. A separate concept was proposed and accepted which addressed all low-risk, unclassified sites that may be identified in the future.


Avision KB51 As a result of this deal, there are territorially managed sites within close proximity of federally managed contaminated sites, creating Avision KB51 of residual lands within devolved territory. Territorial key informants stated that this creates a sense of confusion in trying to determine which sites are managed by which government. In addition, it leaves unresolved any potentially undiscovered contaminated sites that will have to be transferred back to federal jurisdiction in order to fund remediation according to the Agreement.

In the Nunavut Devolution process, similar confusion may be avoided by mapping the territory's contaminated sites before the negotiation process begins. A resource Avision KB51 sharing plan will be critical to support sustainable territorial programs and services in Nunavut. As discussed in the Mayer ReportAvision KB51 considers the subject of negotiating off-shore resources within its boundaries as "essential" to Devolution.

The report describes that the inclusion of rights to seabed Avision KB51 is a matter of national interest, cultural significance to Inuit people, regulatory efficiency, and consistency with the Nunavut Inuit Land Claim Agreement and Avision KB51 law. Footnote 54 In a practical sense, the revenue from these resources is critical to the territorial government.

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Potential revenue streams generated by the natural resource sector in Nunavut are quite different from the Northwest Territories. A large portion of Nunavut's natural resources are under Avision KB51 administration of the Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated.

While this corporation works in partnership with the Government of Nunavut, they are a separate entity, responsible for coordinating and managing Inuit responsibilities set out in the Nunavut Inuit Land Claim Agreement. Footnote 55 However, this leaves diminished potential resource revenue streams for the public government in Nunavut.

The administrative transfer of offshore oil and gas resources are currently omitted from Devolution negotiations. The federal government is not able to transfer any powers such as marine rightswhich go beyond what provinces currently benefit. As a Avision KB51, the Government of Nunavut faces the potential management of new programs and services without the administration of resource revenue streams that are present in Canada's other devolved territories. Key informants stressed their concerns over Nunavut's general lack Avision KB51 resource revenue.

It was expressed that Nunavut must be a principal beneficiary of any royalties generated by offshore resources after Devolution as it will be a key factor in ensuring Avision KB51 financial sustainability. Although the Circumpolar Affairs Directorate is effective at managing its resources, the current method for the planning and allocation of funding creates risks to the Northern Affairs Organization's ability to meet expected results and fulfill obligations under the Northern Strategy.

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The evaluation found that a secure and ongoing source of funding is an annual issue for the Avision KB51 Affairs Directorate. There is a yearly scramble to Avision KB51 the Canadian-based Permanent Participants and to fund the Department's range of circumpolar activities. The Circumpolar Affairs Directorate often obtains its funding from other programs and services in the Northern Affairs Organization that may have surpluses. This obviously creates problems from a planning perspective, but more importantly, it detracts from INAC 's circumpolar participation and diminishes the priority of directorate initiatives within the Avision KB51 Affairs Organization.


A financial analysis shows that approximately 39 percent of the program area's actual expenditures are additional funds secured through an Internal Reallocation Request. Footnote 56 This percentage of spending requests Avision KB51 indicate that more effective planning needs to Avision KB51 conducted at the beginning of the fiscal year in order to facilitate a more predictable allocation of funding and support. The issue of program resources creates a domino-effect for the Canadian-based Permanent Participants.

They have a difficult time maintaining their full partnership responsibilities either due to a lack of support and Avision KB51 or because of unknown funding levels.

In addition, funding which is allocated for engagement in specific Sustainable Development Working Group projects is not always distributed equally among the three Permanent Participants headquartered in Canada. This allows some Avision KB51 Participants to participate more fully than others.

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The point, however, was made during key informant interviews that because of the size and constituency of each of the Indigenous groups, it is, in fact, the larger groups who receive greater funding who may face a disadvantage in properly representing their membership at the required levels. The evaluation found that although the Circumpolar Affairs Directorate has a complex workload, it is delivering with limited capacity.

The Directorate functions with a team of four staff members, while at the same time facing a growing assignment Avision KB51 bilateral Avision KB51 policy coordination activities.

The Northern Affairs Organization Avision KB51, in the context of other sectoral priorities, the Avision KB51 funding in order to facilitate improved organizational effectiveness of the Circumpolar Affairs program and more predictable participation from Indigenous Permanent Participants. Nunavut has unique territorial issues that differ from the Northwest Territories.

Evaluation of - Political Development and Intergovernmental Relations - The North

Central among these is the ability of the territorial government to deliver both current and anticipated programs and services with lower capacity. There are a number of additional issues in Nunavut, Avision KB51 will impact the Devolution process, and which were not present or not relevant to Devolution in the Yukon or the Northwest Avision KB51. These differences are expected to make the transfer of authorities in Nunavut more difficult and perhaps riskier.

Primarily, Nunavut has a much smaller population, with communities that are remote and isolated from each other. It also Avision KB51 not have the same level of capital infrastructure or government infrastructure to deliver its existing programs and services.

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Perhaps most importantly, Nunavut has a lower retention rate Avision KB51 skilled and technical employees in the public sector. Footnote 58 Both the Government of Nunavut Avision KB51 the INAC regional office are currently challenged in their delivery of programs and services given the respective staff issues.

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