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2L International Aopen Driver

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This servo Valve 8 is connected to the uid pressure and return lines 39 and et from the airplanes hydraulic power supply, and controls the direction of uid to the proper side of the enclosed actuating cylinder piston not shown Vto extend or retract the aileron piston rod 84 attached thereto relative to the aileron cylinder The closed, inboard end of the aileron actuating cylinder 82 is pin-connected to an operating linkage arrangement B5 which is connected 2L International Aopen to the airfoil nose section 5 to rotate the entire airfoil about the nose hinge line t when iiuid pressure displaces the aileron actuating cylinder A centering spring assembly 86 is pinconnected between the cable quadrant i and the aircraft structure 3?.

In the neutral position of the aileron controls, the centering spring center line is along a radius of the quadrant '51, so that movement of the controls to either side of neutral will introduce a feel to the system, tending to restore it to neutral. The aileron control system is 2L International Aopen a typical full power system in which no surface loads whatsoever are felt or overcome by the pilot, since the servo valve 8 is the only part of the surfacemoving equipment which is connected to the control stick, excluding the centering spring which gives a constant restoring forcerelation independent of surface loads.

In order to achieve better landing flap performance, a mechanism is provided which will automatically deilect both ailerons downwardly when the flap 2L International Aopen hereinbefore described is operated to lower the landing flaps 3. This aileron drooping mechanism is also shown in Figure 5, Where the variable length screw assembly 79 2L International Aopen attached at its end opposite the servo valve 8 to 2L International Aopen telescoping square shait assembly 8l so that rotation of the square shaft will turn one end of the screw assembly 'i9 in the gimbal connection 'il and thus move the valve shaft 8i!

This square shaft assembly 8'! The aileron controls moved by the pilot are unaffected by this separate action since elongation 2L International Aopen shortening of the variable length screw assembly alects only the valve shafts S; the bell cranks 14 remain stationary.

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With the addition of the landing flap system extension to the aileron operating 2L International Aopen, the airfoil i has combined in it the function of an aileron and a landing flap. In the present apparatus, While the flaps 3 lower to a position about 50 down from normal, both airfoil nose sections 5 lower to 2L International Aopen position about 28 down from neutral. The geometry of the systems can be designed to give various relations between nap movement vand aileron movement, as desired.

The dive brakes and 8, which are the top and bottom panels of the aileron, have been assumed completely closed 2L International Aopen in the discussion thus far. Another power-operated system is provided to simultaneously rotate the top surface 2l of the dive brakes upwardly and the bottom surface I downwardly, and this system 2L International Aopen now be described.

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Figure 6 shows the dive brake mechanism, located in the nose section 5 2L International Aopen the airfoil A, on the left-hand side of the airplane. A right-hand side mechanism operates in the same manner and both are controlled simultaneously. Installed in a lateral position near the center of the nose section 5 is a hydraulic dive brake actuating cylinder 9 having the customary piston not shown and a dive brake piston rod 9.


Neither end of this cylinder nor the piston rod is fixed to the nose section structure, but one cylinder end 92 is pin-connected approximately at right angles to a support link which can turn freely on a xed pivot Thus, a rearwardv push. Inthis 2L International Aopen, when the actuating tubev 96 is; forced toward the dive brake actuating cylinder 90 by hydraulic fluid pressure acting 2L International Aopen the retraction sidezoi thecylinder piston, the bellA cranks and Q8y will rotate clockwise from the.

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Returning to the inboard end of the dive brake cylinder 90, the dive brake piston rod 9 is, connected to twol inboard bell cranks 2L International Aopen and till. These bell cranks are each linked to the respective 2L International Aopen It will thus be seen that thefloating dive brake actuating cylinder 80 forms a variable-length portion of an effective.

The hydraulic dive brake actuating 2L International Aopen 9 is provided with a ilexible close line 2 and a flexible open line 03 which alternately act as pressure and 2L International Aopen lines for hydraulic fluid. These' lines lead from a dive brake solenoid valve 04 mounted. The solenoid valve 04 has twov portsl for the pressure supply line 39 and return line 40 which come from the airplanes hydraulic system, and two solenoids 05 and 08 Figure 9 control its operation.


Normally, when both solenoids are deenergized, the solenoid valve I 04 is spring-controlled in the neutral position, closed tol both cylinder close and open lines H32 and' When the valve close solenoid 06 is energized, the valve moves to supply pressure to 2L International Aopen close cylinder line 02y and open 2L International Aopen open cylinder line m3. When the valve open solenoid 05v is energized, instead oi the former, the solenoid valve 04 moves to supply pressure 2L International Aopen the open cylinder line 03 andv open the close cylinder line 02 to the return line This solenoid valve 04 will not be described in detail since.

Since the dive brake surfaces on the opposite sides. This would produce an undesirable turning of the airplane.

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