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Atheros AR94xx Driver

PCI: Mark Atheros AR and QCA to avoid bus reset Similar to the AR93xx series, the AR94xx and the Qualcomm QCAx also have. [PATCH AUTOSEL 13/98] PCI: Mark Atheros AR to avoid bus Similar to the AR93xx and the AR94xx series, the AR95xx also have. eafe: PCI: Mark Atheros AR to avoid bus reset commit Similar to the AR93xx and the AR94xx series, the AR95xx also have the same quirk for.


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Atheros AR94xx Driver

Or is this just a dumb thing to even do?

Appreciate your input. Reply Quote 0 1 Reply Last reply. A variety Atheros AR94xx reasons really. Those sort of things. What mode does the Wi-Fi need to work in? Loading More Posts 11 Posts.


Reply Reply as Atheros AR94xx. I've already tried the below without any improvements: Adv Reply. July 7th, 2. And post Atheros AR94xx resulting wireless-info file that this script generates Code:. July 8th, 3. Atheros AR ath9k connectivity problems Hey jeremy31, thanks for taking a interest. I have to set reserved ip address for my physical address or it wouldn't work at all. This router isn't the best and had issues in the past, I've thinking about installing some open-source firmware on it, could this make difference?

July 8th, 4. To conserve space in the board configuration structure, only one CTL power value can be set regardless of Atheros AR94xx many radios are transmitting.

PCI: Mark Atheros AR9485 and QCA9882 to avoid bus reset [Linux 4.8]

To alleviate this redundancy and maximize the number of regulatory domains supported by a NIC, a CTL Atheros AR94xx defined Atheros AR94xx be a unique set of band edges and adjacent restricted band regulations, e. The CTL now contains band edges,andwhich is possible because software contains a list of legal channels in each regulatory domain so for RD4, it does not even look at and A CTL may contain additional band edge pairs, providing data for one CTL and enabling support for all regulatory domains belonging to it.

Up to 21 CTLs are supported in the board configuration structure. CTLs also contain continuous application flags: In these 1-bit flags, 0 indicates that the CTL frequency is a band edge; 1 indicates that the CTL acts as a band edge and a continuing limit for frequencies greater than this band edge until the next band edge in the list. In some cases, regulatory stipulations imposed outside of this band may restrict power output at not only the band edges, but also for some channels within the band.

It then Atheros AR94xx necessary to specify limits on these in-band channels for that Atheros AR94xx.

Non-edge flags are introduced to handle such cases. The design to use these flags is: This range goes up Atheros AR94xx and includes all following channels.

Collecting CSI using QCA Qualcomm Atheros Chipset Wireless Card

It is permitted to specify only in-band frequency CTLs or even a Atheros AR94xx in-band CTL to cover an entire regulatory band. Example 1 A band exists from — MHz.

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Out of band regulations require the power be limited to 12 dBm at the band edges, 13 dBm for —, and Table on page demonstrates Atheros AR94xx to convey this information using the non-edge flags. Example 2 A band exists from — MHz, out of band regulations require the power be limited to 13 dBm at starting band edge15 dBm for — MHz, and 12 dBm at the ending band edge Table demonstrates how to convey this information using the non-edge flags.

The target driver uses this code with the Country Code Selector CCS and worldwide roaming WWR flags to determine the current operating region and overlay the appropriate regulatory domain requirements Atheros AR94xx top of the target power and the band edge maximum power data. See the support bulletin Worldwide Roaming Design Specification for Atheros AR94xx on how this information is used.


Support of Multiple Regulatory Domains The following information is coded in the driver to allow support of multiple regulatory domains: Thus supporting new Atheros AR94xx allocations in various countries domainsor changes in regulations in existing regulatory domains, becomes Atheros AR94xx through a software release of the NDIS driver or AP software update with the NICs already deployed in the field. If the current channel does not appear in the list of permitted channels, no transmission is initiated at this channel.

Reconstruct the calibration table for the current channel from the calibration data sampled at the frequency piers stored in the EEPROM interpolating as appropriate under the PLA scheme.

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