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ASUS Rampage II Quad Core Driver

ROG GR8 II is powered by a 7th Generation Intel Core i7 processor for Advanced four-core processing power and Turbo Boost provides 14%. The ASUS Rampage II Gene is a microATX motherboard that features Intel's latest X58 Express chipset for Core i7 CPUs (central processing units). you'll still be able to install a quad-GPU setup using the Rampage II Gene). Power Supply for an Asus Rampage II Extreme Motherboard. Discussion in . CPU: Intel Core i7 I Quad Core GPU: Sapphire Radeon.


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ASUS Rampage II Quad Core Driver

The i7 range increases the number of pins to from in the previous Core range and some older processors such as the Pentium 4 Prescott.

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The larger pin count obviously results in ASUS Rampage II Quad Core increased size and the dimensions change from Looking at the Intel reference cooler as an example they have been able to increase the fan blades and heatsink diameter by 10mm resulting in greater airflow and cooling potential. Essentially these technologies improve the energy use of the CPU by disabling cores which are not required and therefore have a knock on effect of lowering temperatures as well as voltages, one impressive aspect in i7 is that the Power Gate is able to shut down switching and leakage power.

Previously only switching power could be disabled. In addition to the reduction of cores Turbo Mode also intelligently manages the workload so if there is a small increase of processing power required for a ASUS Rampage II Quad Core operation that does not use all of the cores it will slightly overclock the CPU to enhance performance from the active cores whilst leaving the inactive cores at zero power.

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Another new feature on i7 processors is an inclusion of an integrated memory controller which supports 2 DIMMs per channel. An on CPU memory controller is nothing particularly new as even in the desktop market AMD have been using this for a while but the Intel version improves on the AMD method in a couple of major ways.

SVK-User, 2 months ago. Core i, GTX Ti. NOR-User, 10 months ago. AUS-User, 23 months ago.

AUS-User, 20 months ago. Core i7GTX CAN-User, 4 months ago. After you easy setup, Turbo Key boosts performances without interrupting ongoing work or games, simply through pressing the button.

This special design prevents expensive devices and the motherboard from ASUS Rampage II Quad Core caused by power surges from switching power supply PSU. ASUS AI NET2 remotely detects the cable connection immediately after turning on the system, and any faulty cable connections are reported back up to meters at 1 meter accuracy.

It is made for extreme overclockers or gamers looking to get the max frame rates out of a Core2 E or Q quad! In capable ASUS Rampage II Quad Core it can easily reach FSB! That and they don't hurt the eyes either! Besides working with Ati cards out-of-the-box, this board can also be made to work with nVidia cards with an easily done BIOS upgrade. There are many threads at various overclocker forums like Xtreme Systems.

At the Top of Game Board

I would recommend at least a decent batch E QA or a Q quad for gaming set ups. If your budget allows, try a Q or a QX if you can find a decent one on the used market.


These quads will fare better in competitive benching. This board will not disappoint And since there are only 3 different chips out that use this board, a lot of people will find this helpful. I have attached Bios screen-shots of a 4Ghz Overclock with the Bclk at if anyone needs them as a reference. These are also a reference point for anyone wanting to know what the bios looks like ASUS Rampage II Quad Core buying the board ASUS Rampage II Quad Core what not.

The pics are in this order: Main Bios Screen Overclocking Screen 2.

Main Bios Screen Continued 3. CPU Configuration Page 4. Dram Timings Page 5. Dram Timings Continued Hope this helps some of you out!


Attached Images mainpage. Sorry about these n00bie questions I'm about to ask but I have to anyway.

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I thought I read somewhere ASUS Rampage II Quad Core we can run these triple channel DDR3 kits at 1N timing mode, or am I totally wrong on that? Originally Posted by Relic Alright here are the settings to reach 4. This will allow you to get 4. This will really help your Super PI Scores.

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