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Asus PI-P55T2P4 Driver

Information about ASUS T2P4 motherboard and how to use K6, K6 2 and K6 III on it. ASUS P/I-P55T2P4 Revision 3.x. This page deals only with Revision ASUS P/I-P55T2P4 Benutzerhandbuch. II. Hinweis für den Benutzer. Produktbezeichnung: P/I-P55T2P4. Handbuch Revision: Freigabedatum: November. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for ASUS P/i-p55t2p4 Socket 7 Pentium mhz RAM 16mb VC 2mb PCI - Working at the best.


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Asus PI-P55T2P4 Driver

One of the main differences between rev 3.

The rev 3. This may influence soundcards and TV cards.

ASUS P/i-p55t2p4 Socket 7 Pentium 133mhz RAM 16mb VC 2mb PCI - Working

I had to add a coil and capacitor Asus PI-P55T2P4 to the 5V input of the voltage regulator of my rev 3. When I upgraded my CPU from to I had to make the filter stronger to get my picture nice again.

To give a number for the max. The regulator design, the max. So it depends on your whole system if they work or not.

I warn everybody who don't know enough about overclocking to use faster bus than 68 Asus PI-P55T2P4 This pins can be grounded with a jumper or Asus PI-P55T2P4 grounded. With this 2 inputs the CPU can select one of four multipliers. Usually the resulting multipliers are: But there are chips with other multipliers!

PI-P55T2P4 ASUS Global

YES you see right 1. It depends on the CPU what you get!

If this BF2 pin is grounded K6 MHz and faster will add 2 to the multiplier set by the other two jumpers. This allows Asus PI-P55T2P4 up to X 5.

P/I-P55T2P4 (REV. 3.10) Motherboard Settings and Configuration

To get X 6. BF2 must be left as it is!


No wire trick! No soldering! Asus PI-P55T2P4 you have only K on board or lack the Tag ram upgrade there is no real need to get them.


My Opinion is: Good luck! Look out, they have some english articles, too! The chip should be 15ns or better 12ns.

ASUS P/i-p55t2p4 Socket 7 Pentium mhz RAM 16mb VC 2mb PCI - Working for sale online eBay

Be careful if it says in the end of the printing, if the chip is old, that might be ns, not 10ns! Of course this list isn't proved by me, but it should be correct. One setting wouldn't let my system even boot, regardless of the multiplier setting. I would imagine, that this is the setting for a bus speed of Asus PI-P55T2P4. Summary First of all, as you all know, I have to name the ability to run this HX board at Asus PI-P55T2P4 and even 83 MHz bus speed!! It makes this board to a one of a kind and it will be the reason Asus PI-P55T2P4 the huge success, this board will earn.

P/I-P55T2P4 (REV. ) Motherboard Settings and Configuration

It's funny enough, because it's actually no big deal, to supply a motherboard with a timer chip, that can produce all Asus PI-P55T2P4 bus speeds. I don't Asus PI-P55T2P4, that Asus is having any more procuction costs due to this timer chip. It only shows, that at last one motherboard manufacturer either has had the guts to stand up against Intel, who certainly dislike this new bus Asus PI-P55T2P4 ability, or that Asus is the first company to see, how much we users out here are into tuning of our hardware.

Which ever reason has been leading Asus' decision for the higher multiplier settings, we have to thank Asus to give us the ability to reach new performance heights due to these new settings. It won't be of any damage to Asus, that much is Asus PI-P55T2P4.


I'm certain that either already now, or within a short Asus PI-P55T2P4, this board will be the best seller of all Pentium boards.

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