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Asus A7V MB Driver

Asus A7V (Socket A) overview and full product specs on CNET. We are about to receive an Asus A7V motherboard (as per what was recommended in a review on Tom's Hardware), along with an or through any of the means indicated on the .. The ASUS A7V motherboard is carefully designed for the demanding PC user who.


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Asus A7V MB Driver

The A7V includes an extra back panel allowing a further three USB ports, bringing the total available to users to five.

ASUS A7V Socket A motherboard •

There's even room for two more with the appropriate back panel peripheral. Overclockers will also be pleased with the A7V. Although again it slips up in the battle against ABit somewhat, it does have Asus A7V MB edge in terms of breadth of options. Fundamentally the KT7-RAID from ABit has the upperhand - there's no dithering around with jumpers, the BIOS can handle all the front side bus and multiplier tweaking you need if you have performed the procedure to unlock your Athlon that isbut unfortunately it's rather light on its FSB options.

There are a few, but not to the degree of intricacy seen on the A7V, which features options from 95 to in very regular steps, allowing for any one of a hundred variations. In terms of the multiplier, you will have to resort to dip switches on the motherboard Asus A7V MB to alter this and the same goes for the core voltage. To be fair though, if Asus A7V MB installing a motherboard and CPU are you really going to be that phased by having to adjust some switches which are clearly explained both on the board itself and in the manual?

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I think not. My only crux with the A7V in terms of overclocking is its core voltages - you can't set it above 1. Speaking of which, the BIOS itself is of the Award Medallion variety, and includes all of the Asus A7V MB that you could want. Setting up my system using this was a breeze. Conclusion I've now been using the A7V for about a week, and it hasn't given me any trouble yet. In terms of performance there really isn't much to differentiate the A7V from its competitors, so it comes down to Asus A7V MB and price.

Asus A7V(MB) User Manual

And that's where the A7V really bites down Asus A7V MB. For a performance board from a reputable manufacturer, the price is very reasonable. On automatic settings, the BIOS can control these settings and to a degree can be used for changing the FSB and voltage input, but greater accuracy is achieved by using dipswitches and jumpers.


Asus A7V MB Voltage selection is adjusted by using a series of four jumpers close to the CPU. The ability to overclock a chip this way is not documented in the Asus manual but is shown on the Asus website.


This implies that the idea was a late one, and is further backed up by the fact that there are many revisions of this board, the Asus A7V MB with Audio being without the necessary switches. To overclock a Socket A processor, the Asus A7V MB bridges must be unlocked, and this can be Asus A7V MB using the pencil trick, or, it is possible to purchase specially unlocked processors, which have been made multiplier free.

Without an unlocked processor, only the FSB can be altered to gain extra speed. AMD are also selling some chips that are multiplier locked and some that are unlocked, so it is possible to purchase an unlocked processor from a non specialist overclocking establishment, but there is a chance that the processor you may buy might be a locked one.

ASUS A7V Motherboard Support The AMD Athlon CPU?

The FSB can be increased in 1mhz increments Asus A7V MB the — mhz range. With a processor which is unlocked and the ability to change the multiplier, increasing the FSB becomes a much less desirable, Asus A7V MB the processor can be overclocked and still be kept inside its rated FSB. This way maximum system stability is achieved and a processor can be overclocked at the same time.

The voltage range on the A7V is between 1. A mod has been done where the voltage range has been shifted upwards to about 2.


Even with the processor running at 1. Therefore a standard heat sink and fan combo will be insufficient for overclocking.

Extra Features The larger Asus A7V MB size means that all necessary connections are nicely laid out and in well thought of locations. On of the biggest advantage to extreme Overclockers is the presence of a riser board next to the positioning of the Socket A.

It holds all of the necessary voltage regulating capacitors that create a stable voltage for the chip. Being on a riser board means that a large heat sink or Asus A7V MB cooling devices can be fitted onto the board without fear of lack of space.

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