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Asound EXPRESS Wave Audio Device Driver

The sound waves logo is a registered trademark of Sound Devices, LLC. Wave Agent Control Mode allows a Sound Devices T or T-SSD to be. Jaroslav Kysela, who previously had written a sound card driver, started the project. Sound, consisting of waves of varying air pressure, is converted to its The size of the samples, expressed in bits, is one factor that. Background noise may include airborne, structureborne, and instrument noise. It is also the portion of a sound wave in which molecules are pushed together, . by a piece of audio equipment without distortion (a ratio expressed in decibels).


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Asound EXPRESS Wave Audio Device Driver

Bright - Listening term. Usually refers to the upper frequency energy.

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C Capacitance - An electrical component's ability to store electrical charges. Capacitor - An electronic device which stores energy and releases it when needed. Cardioid Microphone Asound EXPRESS Wave Audio Device A unidirectional microphone with moderately wide front pickup deg. Angle of best rejection is deg.

Cartridge Transducer - The element in a microphone that converts acoustical energy sound into electrical energy the signal. Cavity - A space between two walls where insulation is typically installed.

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Channel Strip - The physical representation of an audio channel on the front panel of Asound EXPRESS Wave Audio Device mixer; usually a long, vertical strip of controls. Close Pickup - Microphone placement within 1 metre of a sound source. Clipping - Refers to a type of distortion that occurs when an amplifier is driven into an overload condition.

Usually the "clipped" waveform contains an excess of high-frequency energy. The sound becomes hard and edgy. Coloration - Listening term. A colored sound characteristic adds something not in the original sound. The coloration may be euphonically pleasant, but it is not as accurate as the original signal.

Comb Filtering - An interference effect in which the frequency response exhibits regular deep notches. Compression - The reduction of a span of amplitudes done for the purpose of limiting the reproduction of those amplitudes. Condenser Microphone Asound EXPRESS Wave Audio Device A microphone that generates an electrical signal when sound waves vary the spacing between two charged surfaces: Constructive Interference - Addition of two or more waves when wave crests overlap to produce a resulting wave of increased amplitude.

Critical Distance - In acoustics, the distance from a sound source in a room at which the direct sound level is equal to the reverberant sound level. Crossover Frequency - In a loudspeaker with multiple radiators, the crossover frequency is the 3dB point of the network dividing the signal energy.

Audio Glossary

Current - Charge flowing in an electrical circuit. Analogous to the amount of a fluid flowing in a pipe.

Cycles Per Second - The frequency of an electrical signal or sound wave. CV - Abbreviation of Control Voltage. CV is used to control various modules in a synthesiser. Decay - The term used to describe the progression of reduction in amplitude of a sound or electrical signal over time. Decibel dB - A number used Asound EXPRESS Wave Audio Device express relative output sensitivity.

It is a logarithmic ratio.


Destructive Interferance - Combination of waves where crest parts of one wave overlap trough parts of another; resulting in a wave of decreased amplitude. Diaphragm - The thin membrane in a microphone which moves in response to sound waves.


Diffraction - The bending of sound waves around an object which is physically smaller than the wavelength of the sound. Digital - A reference to a system whereby a continuously variable analog signal is reduced and encoded into discrete binary bits that establish a mathematical model of an original signal or other information.

Asound Sound Card Drivers Download

Direct Sound - Sound which travels by a straight path from a sound source to a microphone or listener. Directional Microphone - A Asound EXPRESS Wave Audio Device that detects and transmits sound from only a certain direction Distance Factor - The equivalent operating distance of a directional microphone compared to an omni-directional microphone to achieve the same ratio of direct to reverberant sound.

Distant Pickup - Microphone placement farther than 2 feet from the sound source. Distortion - Anything that alters the musical signal.

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