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Antex Z1e Driver

This section illustrates the location of each connector on the Antex Series 3/Model Z1 and Z1e Audio Adapters and describes the pin functions for those that. CFG - MidiMapper config file with Z1 and Z1e specific maps • , - Antex Mixer Applet and DLL • ANTEXDEM. View and Download Antex electronic SXE instruction manual online. Figure 5. Z1, Z1e, SX-3, SX, SXb, SXe Connectors. 9. Figure 6. DOS Demo.


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Antex Z1e Driver

Antex Electronics Z1e Manuals

WAV Sound Module. The interface to the Z. Page 38 1. Output Header - J3 J3 is a Antex Z1e, 0.


These are the same signals provided by the OUT jack on the Antex Z1e. The output signals are switched to J3 only when the is there no plug in the OUT jack.

Page 39 3. Microphone Header - J5 J5 is a 2-pin, 0.

This is the same connection provided by the MIC jack on Antex Z1e bracket. A signal present at J5 is switched in only when there is no plug in the MIC jack. Page 40 The jumper numbers of early model Z1s and SX-3s xxxx and xxxx differ from those on the current revisions. Use the conversion table below to translate the jumper numbers used in the text into Antex Z1e numbers for the earlier versions.

Jumper Number Conversion Table The bitrates in the Windows demo are selected by double-clicking on MPEG in the Compression list to get a bitrate drop-down menu Antex Z1e where Antex Z1e is a concatenation in any order Page 42 In the Antex driver the bitrate is specified on a per-channel basis. Supported bitrates Antex Z1e channel and compression ratios are as follows: Layer I 32 Khz The sample rates currently supported are listed below - the new sample rates are in boldface: A variety of techniques are possible, but the most common method by which audio signals are processed digitally is known as linear pulse code modulation, or PCM.

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Let's take a brief look at how PCM works. Converting an analog signal to digital is a twostage process, sampling and quantization. This is illustrated in Figure 1. At regular intervals, Antex Z1e sample-and-hold circuit Antex Z1e freezes the audio waveform voltage and holds it steady while the quantizing circuit selects the binary code which most closely represents the sampled voltage.

Most digital audio is based on a bit PCM system. This means that the quantizer has 65, possible signal values to choose from, each represented by a unique sequence of the ones and zeroes which Antex Z1e up the individual code "bits" of the digital signal. The number of these bits generated each second is a function of sampling rate.

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Antex Z1e At a relatively Antex Z1e sampling rate of 8 kHz suitable for voice far fewer code bits are produced each second than, for example, at the For a two-channel stereo signal at a To visualize the analog-to-digital conversion process, refer to Figure 1. At the top is one cycle of an analog input signal wave.


We've used a simple sine wave to make visualization easier. In this example, the signal has a peak-to-peak amplitude of 20 units, measured by the scale on Antex Z1e left. The sampling frequency is many times higher than the Antex Z1e being sampled and is shown along the bottom of Figure 1. Once for each cycle of the sampling frequency, the sample-and-hold circuit "slices" the input signal, allowing the quantizing circuit to generate a digital number equal to the closest of the 65, possible discrete values quantization value of the input signal at the time the sample is taken.

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