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AirLive WL-5460APv2 Driver

AirLive WLAPv2 e9 Manual - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. produto do anúncio: View and Download Air Live WLAP v2 user manual online. Air Live Wireless Access Point User's manual. WLAP v2 Wireless Access Point pdf.


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AirLive WL-5460APv2 Driver

See the sample application below.

Refer to the illustration below. Client Mode ad-hoc Client AirLive WL-5460APv2 Ad-hoc If set to the Client Ad-hoc mode, this device can work like a wireless station when it is connected to a computer so that the computer can send AirLive WL-5460APv2 from wired end to wireless interface. You can share files and printers between wireless stations PC and laptop with wireless network adapter installed.

Bridge Mode Bridge Mode In this mode, 2 access points in two remote locations connect to each other AirLive WL-5460APv2 provide a wireless bridge between 2 remote LANs. It is mostly used by enterprise to connect 2 remote AirLive WL-5460APv2 network together.

The bridge modes are connected by using either the WDS Wireless Distribution System or Adhoc topology This feature is also useful when users want to bridge networks between buildings where it is impossible to deploy network cable connections between these buildings. Connect an Ethernet cable between your computer AirLive WL-5460APv2 the Wireless Access Point. Make sure your wired station is set to the AirLive WL-5460APv2 subnet as the Wireless Access Point, i.


In the Address box, enter the following: Security Channel Number Allow user to set the channel manually or automatically. If set channel manually, just select the channel you want to specify. None Encryption is AirLive WL-5460APv2 to None by defaul t.

If the Access Point is using Open System, then the wireless AirLive WL-5460APv2 will need to be set to the same authentication mode. Shared Ke y is used when both the AirLive WL-5460APv2 and the recipient share a secret key. Page 22 Open system with None No data encryption and Use WEP Use It is more secure than WEP encryption.

Air Live WL-5460AP v2 User Manual

AirLive WL-5460APv2 the ACK is NOT received within that timeout period then the packet will be re-transmitted resulting in reduced throughput. By having the ability to adjust the ACK setting we can effectively optimize the throughput over long distance links. This is especially true for Apply Change Reset Press to save the new settings on the screen.

Press to discard the data you have entered since last time you press Apply Change. If AirLive WL-5460APv2 list contains no entries with this function being enabled, then no clients will be able to access this Access Point.

OvisLink AirLive WL-5460AP V2

Mode Disable: Select to disable Wireless Access Control AirLive WL-5460APv2. Allow Listed: Only the stations shown in the table can associate with the AP.


Deny Listed: Stations shown in the table wont be able to associate with the AP. You may enter up to 20 characters as a remark to the previous MAC AirLive WL-5460APv2. Press to save the new settings on the screen. Delete All To delete all the clients from access to this Access Point, just press Delete All without selecting the checkbox. Reset If you AirLive WL-5460APv2 made any selection, press Reset will clear all the select mark.

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Check the box to disable the Wireless LAN AirLive WL-5460APv2, by so doing, you wont be able AirLive WL-5460APv2 make wireless connection with this Access Point in the network you are located. In other words, this device will not be visible by any wireless station.

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Band You can choose one mode of the following you need. The AirLive WL-5460APv2 is 2. Network Type Client mode have two Network type: Infrastructure A wireless network that is built around one or more access points, providing wireless clients access to wired LAN or Internet service.


It is the most popular WLAN network structure today.

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