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Agilent 34945A Driver

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Agilent 34945A Driver

However, wiring and power requirements will be much easier to implement. Test engineers and operators of test systems often need visual feedback to understand and troubleshoot the test system. LED indicators are also commonly mounted on Agilent 34945A operator panel to indicate the active signal path.

Switch/Attenuator Driver Module Agilent A price

Position feedback is usually Agilent 34945A by digital inputs and use separate digital outputs Agilent 34945A drive LEDs. They only energize the relay coil, so position feedback and LED drivers must be provided by additional Digital Input and Output hardware. Add this to the complexity of power distribution, and you end up with an expensive solution that is also difficult to troubleshoot when failures occur.

This section will show you how to select options for Agilent Agilent 34945A and attenuators to configure the most efficient and easy-to-use system. Here are the recommended attributes: In many cases, you actually pay more for 12 V or 5 V coils.

Instrument Driver for Agilent 34980A switch chassis and modules

Selecting 24 V relay coils simplifies this process and permits you to Agilent 34945A switches without an external power supply when connecting to the first EXT module. Position feedback is often a standard feature with Agilent switches, because the construction of the switch drive signals can also feed back informationabout the state of the switch. D-sub socket connectors allow for the easiest connection to Agilent 34945A distribution boards.

Here are a few that are worthy of comment: However, this option usually adds cost to the switch, and it forces all switches connected to the Yx to use the same drive mode. Solder lugs may appear to Agilent 34945A cheaper with some switches, but you should consider the labor costs and reliability.

Agilent 34945A many cases, the standard configuration of the switch is a D-sub connector, so you may actually pay more for solder lugs. And, finally, current interrupts almost always add cost to the switch.

They allow you to apply a constant voltage Agilent 34945A a switch, and the switch actuates to create its own pulsed mode to change states. Current interrupts do Agilent 34945A the fastest programming time, because the switch actuates as fast as it can rather than the timed response of a pulse-mode control circuit.

It is the EXT that actually performs all the control and sensing operations. Each EXT can drive up to 64 coils, where each of four Yx boards route the control Agilent 34945A relay coils, the position feedback, and the drive for external LEDs for up Agilent 34945A 16 coils.


Some devices require two or more coils and provide varying ways of indicating position feedback. The Yx boards handle all of those signals for you.

You need only provide a Agilent 34945A ribbon cable with standard socket connectors. The image on the following page shows a view of the YA Distribution board.

Each LED socket header represents the state of up to eight coils, and each vertical lead-pair connects to the LED, representing the section position. You can route a ribbon cable with a pin connector Agilent 34945A to your control panel viewing area. Relay control and position feedback is provided in either a socket header or with screw terminals for the YA. Most of the Yx boards have socket headers for easy connection to Agilent switches and Agilent 34945A.

Switch/Attenuator Driver Module Agilent 34945A price

Pulse drive, coil voltage, position feedback, bandwidth, connectors, and Agilent 34945A represent a complex set of options in selecting any switch. However, this process is made easier by first matching switches and attenuators with the correct Yx distribution board.


First, find the Agilent switch or attenuator required along the Agilent 34945A columns in Table 1 and Table 2. Adjacent columns show the recommended options for the relays. If these relays and options are ordered, cable construction, indicator read back and power becomes very Agilent 34945A. A If the relays required for your design can be procured with the recommended options, cable construction and system configuration becomes very simple.

Follow these steps below: Relay control and position feedback 2.

Keysight (Agilent/HP) A -

Next, notice that the rightmost columns specify which distribution board to Agilent 34945A and how many of the switches or attenuators are supported on each board. Notice that some boards support Agilent 34945A devices. Finally, once you know which distribution board s to use, refer to specific distribution card table for details on the associated distribution boards s. Following each Yx table, there will be insights and instructions for using the particular Yx board.

Also included are part numbers and instructions for building ribbon Agilent 34945A that connect from the distribution board socket headers to the switch connectors.

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