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ADATA T802 Driver

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ADATA T802 Driver

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In the drawings, like numerals describe substantially similar components throughout the several views. These ADATA T802 are described in sufficient detail to enable those skilled in the art to practice the invention.


Other embodiments may be utilized and structural, logical, and electrical changes may be made without departing from the scope of the ADATA T802 invention. The memory device includes multiple memory cells, which are organized into an array Recall that each memory cell memorizes at least one bit of data.


ADATA T802 array allows easy read or write access to each memory cell in the array The memory device also includes an output buffer circuit The output buffer helps to strengthen the data signal coming out from the memory device so that the strengthened data signal may enter subsequent devices without degradation. In some systems using memory devices, ADATA T802 output drive strength of the memory device must be substantial while in other systems, the output drive strength is less demanding.

As illustrated in FIG.

A-data-Brand USB Flash

As such, the required output drive strength of output is significantly greater than the output drive strength of output The SSTL interface standard is intended for high-speed memory interface ADATA T802 and specifies switching characteristics such that operating frequencies up ADATA T802 MHZ are attainable. Part of the SSTL specification specifies a bus termination impedance of 25 to 50 ohms ADATA T802 a termination voltage. The termination of FIG. In the present invention, the use of SSTL to drive a data signal is considered to be a full-drive mode because the memory device would more powerfully drive the data signal out of the output buffer to the subsequent devices.

In other systems utilizing memory devices but not using SSTL, devices were connected directly to the output of the memory device without any termination.

Graphics products typically use this configuration and the voltage swings on the output typically swing from Vcc to Ground. This configuration, however, does not need the data signal to be as powerfully driven as in SSTL configurations. In fact, ADATA T802 certain cases, data that is driven ADATA T802 in a point-to-point configuration may cause ringing and undesired noise on the bus lines.

The output buffer of the present invention solves this problem by adaptively switching between full-drive mode for devices that require a more powerful drive of the data signal such as SSTL configurations and a reduced-drive mode for devices that require a less powerful drive of the data ADATA T802 such as LVTTL and TTL configurations.

Subsequent figures discussed below expand on this in more detail. An output buffer may be organized into two separate circuits: The pre-driver circuit receives the data from the memory array. The pre-driver circuit also receives drive information on whether full-drive or reduced-drive is desired on the output ADATA T802. Based on the level of ADATA T802 data high or low and the drive information, the pre-driver circuit produces data signals for the output driver to process.

ADATA T802 output driver drives the data signals according to the appropriate mode out of ADATA T802 memory device. Output driver circuit of FIG. The output driver circuit receives four main signals from the pre-driver circuit If only a conventional reduced-drive load is to be driven high, the output buffer circuit receives only the active drive signal from PUP.

A-Data USB Flash Drive-Brand USB Flash Drive-Shenzhen Xinmei Technology Co.,Ltd.

If only a conventional reduced-drive load is to be driven low, the output buffer circuit receives only the active drive signal from PDNx. The four drive transistors of the output driver circuit are sized to produce the needed drive current according to the load on the output DQPAD. One skilled in the art will recognize that each output data pin of an SDRAM will have a separate set of pre-driver and driver circuits driving each data output pin. ADATA T802 output data path includes an output enabler which controls whether the data path as ADATA T802 whole would produce a ADATA T802 data signal.

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