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Acer Nitro AN515-52 Driver

Acer Nitro 5 ANNYAN5 Laptop Intel Core iH, 16GB DDR4, G+1TB, 6GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX , " FHD IPS Hz LED LCD. This page provides reviews and other infos about the Acer Aspire Nitro 5 ANT2 of the series Nitro 5 laptop. good (83%) Acer Nitro 5 ANDR Intel Core iH NVIDIA GeForce GTX Ti (Laptop) Gaming - 08/08/ - v6. Test device  ‎Acer Nitro 5 (iH, GTX · ‎Performance - Good midfield.


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Acer Nitro AN515-52 Driver

Acer Nitro 5 review (AN515-52 – Core i5, Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti)

The Power brick is pretty standard and weighs about 1. Acer Nitro AN515-52 hardware update is the main selling point, but all the alternatives will benefit from it in the near future. Just be aware of its quirks and make sure you can live with them before taking the plunge.

Let me know what you think about it and get in touch if you have anything to add or any questions. Share this article: That said, the screen dims noticeably when viewed from the side, starting at about 50 degrees or so. Looking from above or below, the screen is at its dimmest when viewed from about Acer Nitro AN515-52 degrees, before brightening a tad as we edge closer to Acer Nitro AN515-52 degrees. The keys are backlit.

Acer Nitro 5 review (AN - Core i5, Nvidia GTX Ti)

The slightly concave keys boast decent travel for a laptop and discovery is relatively easy, but the keyboard would feel even roomier had Acer dispensed with the key numeric keypad. Indeed, the arrow keys look needlessly squished thanks to the dedicated keypad, which seems out of place on a gaming-centric laptop like this one. The trackpad requires a fair amount of pressure to click, Acer Nitro AN515-52 I also noticed a few accidental inputs Acer Nitro AN515-52 my palms grazed the trackpad while typing.

The Nitro 5's built-in speakers are surprisingly good for a budget gaming laptop, boasting relatively robust, dynamic sound—nothing a set of dedicated speakers couldn't do better, mind you, but not bad compared to the tinny audio you Acer Nitro AN515-52 get from laptop speakers.


I was also pleased by the delicate crunch of snow and ambient forest sounds in Rise of the Tomb Raider, as well as the glorious cacophony of exploding demons in Diablo 3. You can sweeten the audio with Dolby sound processing as well as crank up the volume to impressively loud levels, Acer Nitro AN515-52 for drowning out the Nitro 5's roaring fans.

The Nitro 5's p webcam videos look expectedly soft and grainy, but it's still serviceable for video chat. Unfortunately, the Nitro 5 lacks a fingerprint sensor for signing in with your fingertip, nor does it include an IR camera for facial recognition. The Nitro 5 comes with a decent selection of ports Acer Nitro AN515-52 a budget Acer Nitro AN515-52 laptop, starting on the left side with ethernet, USB 3.

Acer Nitro 5 (iH, GTX Ti, FHD) Laptop Review - Reviews

Also on the left side: We would have preferred more USB 3. Its performance was competent or better in our gaming-focused tests, but it hung back noticeably in some situations, most likely because of thermal throttling. You should still enjoy speedy productivity and multitasking, and max-settings gaming, provided you can Acer Nitro AN515-52 for fps visuals. Oh, and keep that charging cable Acer Nitro AN515-52.

Acer Nitro 5 review: A Coffee Lake-flavored gaming laptop that won't empty your wallet

Here's a chance for the Nitro 5's 4-core, 8-thread i5 Coffee Lake processor to shine. This is a good indication that it'll perform just fine on most mainstream applications and games.

The story changes when we run Cinebench Acer Nitro AN515-52 multi-threaded mode. The laptops with 6-core, thread CPUs get to strut their stuff, leaving all the quad-core chips jostling for second place.

Acer Aspire Nitro 5 AN515-52-51T2

The Acer Nitro 5 lags behind its peers, with only a 7th-gen Core i5 laptop bringing up the rear. Just remember that there still aren't many applications that support multi-threaded CPUs, so the score here doesn't affect how most people will experience the Nitro 5. The three leading laptops Acer Nitro AN515-52 have 6-core, thread CPUs.

The free HandBrake utility lets us measure how well the CPU performs over time with the intensive task of converting a 40GB video file into Android tablet format. Dual-core laptop processors often need more than 6, seconds an hour and Acer Nitro AN515-52 minutes to complete our Handbrake benchmark.


The fastest mobile quad-core CPUs can finish in fewer than 3, seconds about 50 minutes, under an hour. Frankly, we were expecting a little more from this new Coffee Lake-era mobile performance chip.

Our guess is that the Nitro 5 taps the brakes on performance to keep things cool under the hood. Incidentally, users who Acer Nitro AN515-52 to tinker with the Nitro 5's cooling fans can do so with NitroSense, an Acer utility that comes with a "CoolBoost" mode that ups the maximum fan speeds. Gaming performance The Acer Nitro 5's gaming performance is dictated Acer Nitro AN515-52 its lower-end Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics card, and its benchmark results fell right in line with our expectations.

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In short, while the Nitro 5 delivers frame rates comfortably north of Acer Nitro AN515-52 fps at "Ultra" settings for typical AAA games, you'll need to downshift your graphics settings to boost those frame rates into the fps range. The Nitro 5's score of 5, is actually decent. The reason it's at the bottom of this chart, is because Acer Nitro AN515-52 other laptop shown has a GTX Ti or better.

The Acer Nitro 5's GTX is competent, but if you want max settings you'll need to dial back the frame rate.

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