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Acer Zeos EISA IDE Controller Driver

Some systems, like the ZEOS we included as a comparison system, led in some Acer Acros AcerPower Acer America Corp. sells four lines of computers in While the test system uses an EISA combination IDE drive controller and I/ O. New battery, no error codes on booting · ZEOS "The Gosling" With Some Weird Problems Coreco f84 xr-m ISA · IBM PS/2 Model 70 reference disk Questions on Cache controllers / IDE controllers and RAM boards · Acer Acros. AMI SX 25 EZ-FLEX EISA. upgradeable Integrated I/o 8~IIRror>. Subsystem Kn includes: SCSI oovioo. owls. controller. soltvraml étosuimiiaito BU Chlnon CD ROM Genstar CD ROM IDE HARD Phoenix and Mr. BIOS upgrades tor every IBM and compatible from ACER to ZEOS.


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Acer Zeos EISA IDE Controller Driver

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It's a noticeably well-designed system inside and out, from its rotated Acer Zeos EISA IDE Controller board placement, which allows unrestricted access to all installable slots and sockets, to a smartly styled and absolutely secure heavy-gauge alloy case. A substantial piece of equipment by any measure, it comes at a substantial Price. Acer Zeos EISA IDE Controller this system looks expensive at first glance, it was also one of the most heartily configured PCs in this review, with more than 3GB of storage, 32MB of RAM, and a color VGA display subsystem The unit is powered by a watt power supply, and all components are connected to a Mylex motherboard with eight bus-mastered bit EISA slots.

What's more, every thing is buttoned up tighter than a tank behind removable top and side panels and a hinged front cabinet door. The lock on the door prevents unauthorized access not only to the stacked drive bays but also to the control panel, with its power, reset, and keyboard disable switches. The system came Acer Zeos EISA IDE Controller us with two half-height and four fill-height drives installed; alternatively, you could configure it with ten half-height drives.

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More than half the price and most of this system's weight is devoted to the quadruplet Seagate SCSI-I hard disks, which have a formatted capacity of MB each. These bus-mastering devices Acer Zeos EISA IDE Controller control the Fujitsu and Toshiba floppy disk drives delivered with the system; you may configure each with up to 8MB of static RAM cache.

Though the system came with NetWare, Version 3. The Mylex system board is rotated 90 degrees, allowing you to access all external ports and adapters from the top of the machine.

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A protective panel, removable only when the cabinet door is open, slides on top of the case, making the extra long keyboard and display extension cables that come with the system a necessity. But inside the chassis, all slots and sockets for expansion cards, system and cache memory, and the coprocessor are absolutely free and clear of obstruction. The installed system board holds a maximum of 32MB of RAM and there are no provisions Acer Zeos EISA IDE Controller memory expansion Acer Zeos EISA IDE Controller that.

The system setup has an extended range of features and options, including primary and secondary cache enabling, system diagnostics, and error-trapping routines.

Support is assured for a variety of operating systems and networking software. The company supplies a unique if somewhat expensive attachment to the SIA tower.

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The air conditioner circulates internal air by drawing heat from hot metal to cool metal. Thermoelectric modules located at the back and top of the system keep the temperature Acer Zeos EISA IDE Controller. The 46 pound unit is designed to seal out dusty, hot, humid environments and automatically shuts down the system with advance warning if the temperature exceeds a safe operating range.

As such, pricing of options and enhancements are subject to dealer negotiations. Though its products are backed by a one-year warranty, Acer Zeos EISA IDE Controller and support options are also subject to conditions set by authorized dealers. Any way you cut it, you'll pay premium price for a premium server that has rugged, secure network performance and a functional, appealing design.

Derfler, Jr. Reprinted from PC Magazine March 17, "Server" is an overused word and there are many kinds of servers on local area networks.

The wide price difference is the result of different configurations provided by the vendors in response to our open-ended request for a NetWare server. Because NetWare uses caching superbly, we Acer Zeos EISA IDE Controller few differences in server performance. Instead, these machines differed in their configurations, their capacity for carrying peripherals and memory, and the subtle comfort level provided by the vendor.


But before we discuss the products, let's look at what a server does and the features it needs. A smart network administrator can choose Acer Zeos EISA IDE Controller ways to set up these shared services. Acer Zeos EISA IDE Controller this review, we told the vendors only that we wanted to set up a system as a NetWare file server. Modern file servers do much more than provide networked PCs with access to shared files and sub directories.

They have become hosts for database engines that provide simple responses to application programs' complex queries; they communicate with uninterruptable power supplies and take appropriate actions when the power goes out; they run network management and monitoring programs; and they even hold hubs for lOBaseT unshielded twisted-pair wiring systems. These tasks rely on fast disk storage, a large amount of memory for cache, and a fast internal bus architecture.

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A PC acting as a print server gathers print jobs sent by applications running on networked PCs, holds them in a queue on the server's hard disk, and feeds them to one or more printers attached to the server. This server can typically handle multiple print queues that feed as many as five printers attached to the PC.


Communications servers come in many flavors. PCs acting as communications servers can provide access to a pool of shared modems, act as a bridge or router to move packets of data between LANs, or provide remote access to people calling in through modems.


Many network administrators combine the print, communications, and file-server functions into one PC. That machine becomes "the server," but it really supports many different operations.

Unlike our usual PC reviews, we did not specify an exact configuration; each company equipped its offering with the components it felt would best fit the bill. We did not receive systems from these vendors; either the products were not yet shipping, the companies declined, or they simply did not respond to our request.

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