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In particular, a higher away Acer 610P-PT the stream. Grasses and other herbs tinuous rather than discrete along the lateral gradient.

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Acer 610P-PT un- named stream is intermittent occasionally with zero flow and 1. The sample site was near the confluence Acer 610P-PT Morrow County, which ranged in elevation from to m along a habitat gradient from floodplain to slope to upland Prominent herbs on the upland-forest floor were those FIGURE 1.

Habitat types along a lateral elevation gradient for Acer 610P-PT Ohio typical of eastern beech-maple forests compare Vankat study stream. The preserve is within Ohio's mesic, Acer 610P-PT forest region Vankat - Deciduous trees, namely Field Work beech, maple, oak, hickory, elm, ash, and sycamore see Sampling was undertaken Acer 610P-PT late March to late Table 1 for taxa are prevalent in the preserve, the latter May in on two adjacent bends in the midreach of primarily on the Alum Creek floodplain.

Evidence Acer 610P-PT past the study creek compare Vadas We used the logging includes Acer 610P-PT and maple root-sprouts and an point-quarter method, a plotless technique that is effi- extensive, second-growth understory of herbs and cient for sampling tree assemblages CoxBrower shrubs Wallacepersonal observation.

Agriculture is and others Three transects were laid out from the the dominant land use on fields adjacent to the preserve.

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Each transect was order, meandering tributary of Alum Creek as de- m long with stakes marking sampling points every 20 m, TABLE 1 Abundance and size data for trees in three habitat types along an Ohio stream. Summary data Acer 610P-PT total number of trees and mean diameter D across species. Classifications of flooding tolerance TOL were based on Chapman and others Species names follow Weishaupt and Vankat Acer 610P-PT the text for an explanation of calculations.

AND J. This spacing prevented the same tree from upland than on the floodplain Table 1.

Two species American beech At each stake, we assessed the nearest tree in each of and sugar maple were Acer 610P-PT abundant in the upland the four quadrants. Measurements included distance of and least abundant on the floodplain, two species white the Acer 610P-PT to the stake at 0. The minimum DBH for trees three habitat types but least abundant on the slope.

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Fourth, tree species tolerant to flooding were relatively more abundant closer to the stream Fig. Very tolerant Data Acer 610P-PT species were dominant and intermediately tolerant taxa Although the point-quarter method can provide fre- were subdominant on the floodplain, whereas in- quency, density, dominance basal-areaand dispersion termediately Acer 610P-PT and intolerant species dominated estimates for each tree species, the method is most ac- the slope and Acer 610P-PT habitats.


We species further suggest that floodplain Acer 610P-PT upland vege- focused on the relative numerical and areal abundance of tation were distinct and the slope flora was more similar trees, variables that were similar in form Acer 610P-PTto upland vegetation. The floral samples each showed Brower and others and value Vadas to rela- very high loadings on a single factor axes FAsuch that tive density and dominance.

Tree density TD was fac- Acer 610P-PT were three important axes.

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Per- ized by both upland samples and numerical data for cent numerical abundance across all species was calcu- the slope, because of dominance by sugar maple and lated by summing TD for each tree Acer 610P-PT. Percent areal subdominance by American beech, green ash, and white abundance across all species Acer 610P-PT calculated by sum- oak. The Acer 610P-PT flora was less diverse because of greater ming the product of TD and DBH2 for each tree species.

FA 3 was characterized by areal data patterns among habitat samples.

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Acer 610P-PT There were 14 observations for the slope, because of Acer 610P-PT by two species sugar tree species and 6 variables, the latter including numeri- maple and white oak and subdominance by American cal and areal abundances of trees in floodplain, slope, and beech and red oak. Numerical and areal data for the upland habitats.

This allowed two floral comparisons, between abundance parameters within habitat types and among elevation zones, to assess whether change in tree-species composition was continuous along the lateral gradient. Habitats with floral compositions that were 1 highly similar would show their highest loadings on the same factor axis, 2 moderately similar would show high loadings on the same factor axis but their highest Acer 610P-PT ings would be on different axes, 3 somewhat dissimilar would show high loadings on different axes, and 4 more dissimilar would Acer 610P-PT high loadings on Acer 610P-PT same factor axis but the loadings would be of opposite sign positive versus negative.

Relative abundance of common tree species across the three elevation zones, Acer 610P-PT on data in Table 1. Third, our study findings only partially corroborated those of Johnson and Bell for an Illinois watershed.


Although both studies showed maples and oaks to be codominant on flood- plain slopes, we did not find maples and oaks to be respectively most abundant on Acer 610P-PT floodplain and up- land. The discrepancy may reflect the dominance of silver maple Acer saccharinurri rather than Acer 610P-PT maple in the Illinois watershed, as well as Acer 610P-PT logging in- 1 The higher percent abundances of large oaks and wild black cherry in the Ohio slope canopy suggests that this habitat was not heavily logged, since these trees were often selectively cut in beech-maple forests Shelford Fourth, the Numerical smaller size Acer 610P-PT the Ohio floodplain trees is probably indicative of natural and human disturbances, namely flood damage and relatively intense logging.

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