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3Com 3C515-T4 Fast EtherLink ISA PnP Adapter Driver

This is an ISA card which is used by a number of cable TV companies using hubs), BASE-T4 ( Mbps over 4 standard voice-grade twisted pair ZORRO help If you have a Village Tronic Ariadne Ethernet adapter, say Y. .. a 3Com ISA EtherLink XL "Corkscrew" 3c Fast Ethernet network card. Etherlink III ISAPNP Ethernet Adapter (Generic 3CTx) 3Com Fast Etherlink ISA 10/BASE-T4 Network Card 3Com 3C TX Fast EtherLink Fast Etherlink ISA 10/BASE-TX Network Card (3CTX) 3Com Fast. isa 3c 3c 3c Fast EtherLink ISAPnP src/drivers/net/3cc yes . pci 10b7 3Com Corporation 3cB-T4 Fast EtherLink XL Inc. AR Wireless Network Adapter [ARG bg] ath5k ath Atheros


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3Com 3C515-T4 Fast EtherLink ISA PnP Adapter Driver

Frequently Answered Questions Please check this section if you have a problem before asking on the mailing lists. Building Etherboot What do I need to build Etherboot?

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You need gcc, gas and binutils, as well as any accompanying libraries and include files. Generally speaking 3Com 3C515-T4 Fast EtherLink ISA PnP Adapter a package based system using RPM or DEB, you will need the C compiler package, the include file package, the C library package, the assembler package and the binutils package this may include the assembler.

I get an error from as saying data32 is an unknown directive or it has errors with assembler files.

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Your gas is too old, upgrade to 2. They are harmless, you can ignore these. They are due to changes in the assembler syntax between gas versions.

We could get rid of the warnings if we could easily detect which patches are installed in the version of gas you are using it's not just a matter of detecting the gas version but we'd rather just wait for the old gas versions to disappear 3Com 3C515-T4 Fast EtherLink ISA PnP Adapter they are just warnings.

The documentation talks about mkelf-linux and mknbi-dos. Where are they?


These are distributed from the Etherboot web site. Why don't you provide prebuilt ROM images?


This is a site that makes ROM images for you on demand from specifications given to a web form and returns the image as the result of the form. The floppy you use should be an error-free, preferably a recently formatted floppy.

Do not trust new floppies; they have been known to lose their manufacturer formatting in storage. You don't need to put a filesystem of any sort on it, FAT or ext2 or otherwise.

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Another possible cause is that there are alignment differences between the drive used to write the floppy and that used on the target machine. On many operating systems the server is not enabled by default. Review the instructions in the Troubleshooting section. Since the address may be hard to determine if it is not printed on the card or you do not have the adapter's setup program, you can copy it from Etherboot's startup message.

Did you also provide a filename with the DHCP offer? Offers with no filenames are ignored by Etherboot. Remember to restart the server if you have edited the config file and the server does not automatically reread when it discovers an updated config file. You may have some protection mechanism such as tcpwrappers or a firewall in front of it.

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As the booting computer does not have an IP address, the request will come from 0. You will probably also need to set the gateway field in the reply so that TFTP will work across the gateway. You should read a good explanation of how these work, in say, W. Do you have a TFTP server installed and running and is it allowed to serve the client in question?

You should look at the log files on the server for any clues. Access violation is a blanket reply for many different problems but essentially the TFTP server cannot give Etherboot the file 3Com 3C515-T4 Fast EtherLink ISA PnP Adapter.

How to configure the Linux kernel/drivers/net

Did you make the file world readable? Case of the filename is important too.

Check the log files on the TFTP server to see what the actual filename it tried to open was, sometimes directory prefixes are prepended to the name due to the program options specified. Is the file a boot image? You cannot use a ordinary kernel image, you must process it with mkelf-linux first. I have this proprietary boot ROM e.


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